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Poem About Beauty Of Forest And Trees

Naturalist, John Muir, and my love of trees inspired this poem. Muir's conservation efforts saved many forests and natural areas for all of us. While in Alaska, I saw the loveliest forests and scenery I've ever seen. Muir's quote on his Alaska trip describes what I saw: "Tracing shining ways through fiord and sound, past forests and waterfalls, islands and mountains and far azure headlands, it seems as if surely we must at length reach the very paradise of the poets, the abode of the blessed."

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I began writing "The Forest's Blessed Abode" about a month after I returned from a trip to Alaska and Canada, where I saw some of the loveliest forests and surreal scenery I have ever seen....

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The Forest's Blessed Abode


Published: December 31, 2017

Come walk with me into the forest's blessed abode,
To see the wondrous beauty the Earth has bestowed;
We'll bask in the surreal splendor that surrounds us,
And listen to nature composing the forest's grand opus,
As sounds of whispering trees and burbling streams,
Send our minds wandering into a poet's lovely dreams.

We'll walk where sunlight sets the forest's leaves aglow,
Weaving open paths to dapple golden light on all below;
Where trees shade us from summer heat and harsh rays,
Freeing our minds so we can see Mother Nature's ways,
Of creating nurturing sanctuaries for life dwelling there,
To shield its tender wards from storms too hard to bear.

Come sit beneath the glowing embers of an autumn tree,
Whose rich hues are a natural wonder many come to see,
While colorful leaves glide down in a whirling course,
Like embers breaking loose from their flaming source,
Glowing for a moment as if falling to their ending fate,
Instead, nourishing Earth for rebirth into a new state.

The wintering forest seems to be a still desolate place,
Yet, under the snow and autumn leaves of a tree's base,
Beats the promising pulse of new life that patiently waits,
For spring's warmth and rain to open wide nature's gates;
Roam with me under the trees standing strong over it all,
To watch them quietly sleep until nature's beckoning call.

Let us stroll in spring's forest where we will reap,
The joy of Earth awakening its children from sleep,
And hear life's chorus and watch its offspring grow,
As waking trees renew their canopy over all below;
Come share with me the forest's spirit at rebirth,
So we too are reborn within this temple of Earth.

Every now and then let us answer the forest's call,
To come see life's beauty and the miracle of it all;
If we listen with our hearts as we walk among trees,
We may understand the message carried on a breeze,
For us to blend with the forest's spirit so it will beguile,
Us into walking under its lovely trees for just a while.

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  • by Shripad G. Agnihotri
  • 4 months ago

"The joy of earth awakening her children from sleep." What a wonderful idea expressed in words. That's the real beauty of poem. The whole poem is full of such beautiful expressions.

  • by Belinda Stotler Poet
  • 5 months ago

I began writing "The Forest's Blessed Abode" about a month after I returned from a trip to Alaska and Canada, where I saw some of the loveliest forests and surreal scenery I have ever seen. As a child, I was always in the woods whenever I got the chance for long walks, to climb trees, or sit near clear forest streams. The forests do feel like a temple to me, where I feel connected to it, as well as at peace, protected, and nurtured. The forests have taught me a deep respect for all of the living species dependent upon it through every season. I am in awe of how it all blends to form symbiotic relationships that ensure survival for not only the species living in the forests, but also its important role in supporting our entire planet's environment. I hope my poem not only inspires people to reconnect with themselves and enjoy the miraculous life and natural beauty there but to become staunch defenders in protecting the forests from those that would destroy them for profit.

  • by Gil
  • 10 months ago

Some people look at me strange when I say trees talk, but as I walk among them and look up I feel them watching me, and I listen. We are here this day for you.

  • by Ekponoabasi
  • 11 months ago

Wow! This is beautiful. Every aspect of the images deployed are effective. Great job.

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