Beach Poem

Descriptive Poem About The Beach

Hello, I am Sydney Harris, and I am in fifth grade. I love to write and dance. I am very inspired by other poets' poetry. I am originally from California and now I live in London. Enjoy my poem!

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The Summer


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2019 with permission of the Author.

The saffron-yellow sun grins on top of the beige sand,
and the aquamarine waves wash up onto the seashore.
The towering palm trees sway from side to side
as the gentle wind whistles through the beach.

The field of vivid flowers dance and smile underneath the lime colored grass,
and the flap of a monarch butterfly's wings soar through the broad meadow.
The coconut and lemon ice cream dripping down my hand
as the sun melts it like ice.

The swimmers sitting on the silver seats and speaking to each other
and watching the surfers surf on their surfboards.
The sun drifting down as it suddenly gets darker and darker...


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