Beach Poem

This is a story of my observations and my own experience of spending a day at the beach. I tried to include all stages of life within families and how each group enjoys their day while trying to make the reader feel as if they are there too. It was my attempt of bottling the whole experience.

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A Day At The Beach

© more by Marie Matheny

Published: May 2018

The sun and sand go hand in hand.
The sound of constant waves -
There's a smell of salt in the air.
The ocean is seen through a haze.

The parents bring their children
And watch them play in the sand.
They help them jump the waves
By holding little hands.

The teens exude vitality and youth.
They know they're coming of age.
They strut and prance and dance around
As if they were on stage.

Lovers strolling hand in hand
Enjoy their day of sun and sand.
They seem to think they're all alone -
The crowded beach on which they roam.

The old move slow and steady
Thinking it's no notion.
This could be the last time
They get to see the ocean.

The seagulls glide in circles.
It seems without a care,
But really they are searching
A crumb to catch mid-air.

Scattered on the beach
Are castles made of sand.
Some are small and messy - 
Others big and grand.

If one is lucky,
While looking out to sea
They may spot some dolphins
Swimming gracefully.

A day at the beach is not complete
Without catching the perfect wave
Or gathering shells along the shore -
Souvenirs of a perfect day...



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