Beauty of Nature Poem

Poem About The Destruction Of A Tornado

I watched out my window as a tornado formed and subsequently touched down. Then I wrote this immediately after.

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The Tornado


Published: September 2015

There is no stopping it.

The sky is falling to the earth,
Like snow in its beauty
But rocks in its destruction.
All living things stand still,
None daring to take a breath,
For fear that the slightest movement
Will push the universe over the edge.
The trees stand still,
And everything listens to the wind,
Whispering a warning to us all.

Suddenly there is a flash.
Light floods the world.

It was the tipping point.

The wind screeches,
And life starts again.
The trees bend and snap,
Unable to bear the weight of it all.
The rain drenches everything,
Showing no mercy for the living things below.

It is chaotic,
Even apocalyptic,
This fear bringing thing.
In a painful cleansing,
All is made new and clean.
The tornado carries a promise
Of things yet unseen.
Be true to Him,
Or face an end to this dream.


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