Beauty of Nature Poem

Finding Beauty In Deers And Nature

I wanted to write a poem that shows beauty and tranquility all around us. I hope this poem shows people true beauty in nature around us.

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I am a nature lover and a conservationist.

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The Fires Of Winter


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2018

As I walk on the winding path,
The brisk air softly blows my hair,
Hitting my rosy cheeks
As silence fills the air.
The trees look like skeletons
Standing tall and covered in snow.
A deer pops out of the brush,
And I stop dead in my tracks
As it sprints across the path.
Its grand antlers and powerful legs are a blur.
Somehow in this barren country of snow,
The deer are the only ones who survive
While everyone else goes south.
They scavenge, they stay, and they live.
They are the fighters of the winter.
As the deer travels out of my sight,
Tranquility overcomes me.
Silence fills the air again.
The wind softly blows my hair
And hits my rosy cheeks.
As I walk on the winding path,
I take in my surroundings and smile.


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  • Victoria by Victoria
  • 3 years ago

I am a nature lover and a conservationist.

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