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The Tragedy Of 9/11

I was waiting for the TV repair man to come and was watching a news flash when the first plane hit! When he arrived, we carried on watching together and saw the second plane hit the second tower!! We stood stunned for a while then realized we both had tears in our eyes. I had to put pen to paper!

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The Twin Towers


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2020 with permission of the Author.

The month was September and the day was quite nice,
But this was to change on the shake of a dice.
Two planes with hundreds of people on board
Were about to crash, so they tried to get word
To families and friends on the ground in their homes,
Waiting for loved ones to use mobile phones.
All we could do was watch things unfold.
Unable to help made our blood run cold.
As the planes hit the towers, folks got trapped inside,
And having no warning, there was nowhere to hide.
There was no other way out, so that is why
People broke windows and jumped out to die!
All we could hear was the deafening sound
As both twin towers fell to the ground!
The dust and the litter that shrouded New York
Was totally horrendous and left nowhere to walk!
Osama Bin Laden is the one we should blame.
He and his followers show no pity or shame.
We hope and we pray that they made it to Heaven,
All those poor souls he murdered on nine eleven!


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