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How We Helped Our Children During The Pandemic Poem

This is a poem about a way we tried to help our children cope with the shutdown during the pandemic. I wrote a poem in 2020 entitled "What Will You Remember?" This is a sequel to that poem now in 2024. I hope you enjoy my simple and humble poems as I have no formal training in writing poetry. Thank you for reading my poems.

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Teddy Bears In The Window

Susan Vidd © more by Susan Vidd

Published by Family Friend Poems June 26, 2024 with permission of the Author.

In the year of 2020
When life was full and plenty,
A terrible plague besieged the world
Chaos and sorrow worldwide unfurled.

In isolation and fear we dwelt
Uncertainty and confusion was what we felt;
Masking our own fears from our little ones
Masquerading the pain from our daughters and sons.

Our innocent youth confused, unaware
Of the isolation they are now forced to bear.
We are afforded the freedom to walk the street
But not close to our neighbors perchance we meet.

To retain some normalcy there came a plan
Place teddy bears in the window for children to scan.
It would help as the young ones would take a walk
To look for a teddy bear on every block.

"Look mommy, there's a pink teddy bear
And a gray one at that house with long fuzzy hair!"
And so it went on as a method to cope,
Living each day with a prayer and hope.

Now four years later 2024
Situation better but not quite like before;
My own teddy bear remains on my sill
And will be there forever or maybe until...

We remember how fragile life can be
Not take things for granted, Teddy and me!



First and foremost, Susan has no degree in writing. You might have noticed her poems are rather simple and silly or not written in the correct format. She just enjoys writing. Susan is a retired female firefighter and paramedic. Her most important job is revealed at the end of her poem "My ordinary Life." She has created 150...

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