Earth Poem

Poem About How The Earth Has Changed

I just sat at work and mulled over the way the years have passed and how things have changed.

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The Winter Has Gone


Published: September 2008

cold snap on a morning the frost on the ground
the snowy landscape as you look all around
an old man's nose swollen red and it glows
the whistle you hear as the wind blows
the warmth of the fire a few more logs you would add,
cooking toast from a fork when I was a lad
as I look back at before I fill with tears
remembering winters as they once were
this is all in the past, why should we ponder,
at the winters gone by that seemed to last ever longer
well, the climate has changed; the winter's no more
we boil in the sun heat rose from the core
what have we done, where's the winter gone
you might ask as you boil in the sun
well, think back to when the winters once were
no spoiling the ozone and polluting the air
greed rose from you all in the race against haste
money no option you chose your fate
blinded by the greed that filled your sense,
you've ruined the earth have you no sense?
the heat rising faster this is the end...
can't turn back the hand that created this crime
let's all hope it eases with a little time



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