Birthday Poem

Watching My Little Brother Grow

This is a little poem written for my little brother. He is a sweet little thing and loves to have fun. It is really cute to see him standing up for me, his big sister, against people twice his size and age. It is fun to listen to him talk incessantly about the books he reads. Then there are the nice moments where he snuggles up with me. Mostly, it is fun to watch him grow and mature.

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To My Little Brother

© more by Michaela Hart

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2019 with permission of the author.

A year has passed away,
Never to be back.
I hope this little greeting
Suffices as a plaque.

You've passed another summer,
Spring, winter, fall.
You've created memories,
A joy and smile to recall.

You're growing into a sturdy soul.
Your little goofs, smiles,
Your struggles, accomplishments,
And your mischievous wiles.

Your funny personality
Grows along with you.
You're a wonderful little brother,
And, yes, a little goof too.

I know you like to pretend
You're a little brat sometimes
When you come up
And strangle me from behind.

I know you love to shoot
Those Nerf bullets at my back,
But I also know you like to snuggle
When you're done your attack.

I appreciate these little things
That make you who you are.
You keep me on my toes
But you're a wonderful little brother.

So, in the years passed
And years still yet ahead,
I hope you grow strong
While towards manhood you tread.

I can see you shaping
Into a special little guy,
So keep your smile
While these days pass on the sly.

A happy birthday to you,
My special little bro.
In this coming year
I will happily watch you grow.


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