Abuse Poem

A woman who grows up in a home where her dad abuses her mom promises herself that she will never get into the same kind of relationship, and yet she does. She was there for her mom, and now her mom is there for her.

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To The Woman I Admire The Most


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006 with permission of the Author.

Being a child, you had so much pain and sorrow,
Never knowing what would come with the light of tomorrow.
As a teen, you fell in love with a man that I now call Dad.
You had two children to love but still yet you were so sad.
A day had come when you knew something had to be done,
For the one you loved had turned out not to be the one.
You gave up everything just to take care of my sister and I.
Sometimes just to make it easier on you I hoped to die.
I remember seeing some of those men beating up on you.
It killed me deep inside seeing you all black and blue.
Holding each other crying feeling so sad and lost at the time,
I told myself that this would never happen in the life of mine.
It's been years for me; I had forgotten the feeling of being so scared.
I knew my husband would never hit me, not even if dared.
Sad thing is I faced the same as you had in your life.
Thought I had to deal with it and grin to be a good wife.
Each time he hit me I closed my eyes and remembered when,
Finding myself like a child seeing it all happening again.
I knew what I was facing would not be an easy road.
You were always beside me like a shelter from the cold.
We have both been involved with some terrible men.
I know we are strong enough that this won't ever happen again.
You have been such a great Mom and my very best friend.
Now I'll stand beside you until both our journeys shall end.

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