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I Used To Be Strong

I used to be a strong and happy woman and now...

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This poem made me cry...

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Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008 with permission of the author.

Those days were somewhat cold,
Trying to sink away,
Hoping not to be noticed
So the pain would just disappear.

The scars on my wrists
Will always be there,
A reminder of a place
That is so very bare.

Holding the tears in
As the memories go by,
Leaving my body
Every time I see him.

The thought he controls me
Spins my mind to bits.
My innocence has gone
And will never be forgotten.

I wished I were somewhere else
So I didn't deserve this.
He blames it on me,
Like I'm not worth it.

He treats me like crap,
Just throwing me around.
I'm broken up inside
And left lying on the ground.

My life was once worthy,
But I'm sick of being judged.
I'd give anything to be normal
Even though I'm not worth much.

I was out-going and strong,
Happy with my life
Until this bombshell hit me.
I just curled up and cried.

The dreams are just repeating,
Not stopping when I wake,
Like I'm still living
With such an awful hate.

Those days before all this happened
Seems like such a fairytale.
If I told a single soul,
He would never be let bail.

Not being able to turn back
Is such an awful thought.
Surviving all this
Is just something else...

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  • Clmeh72 by Clmeh72
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This poem made me cry...

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