Depression Poem

Poem About Staying Strong

This is a poem I wrote for my best friend, who is fighting a losing war with depression and self-harm. He is the most amazing, beautiful, loyal and persistent boy I know, and I am proud to call him my friend. I would do anything to help him in his fight.

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© more by Hannah L

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2016 with permission of the Author.

So--this is where we are.
After coming so far,
This is what it's come to.
After all we've been through,
We're still where we started:
Bruised and broken-hearted.

You'd think after fighting this long
We'd become safe and strong.
But as we battle close to death,
We're still lost and find no rest.
As we wander 'round, asking why,
There's no tears when we cry.

We're lost with only each other,
Feeling as a child without its mother.
As darkness nears closer and closer,
We fear our lives may be over.

But I caught, in the distance,
A shimmer of light, so persistent.
I grab your hand, holding tight,
As I try to lead you toward the light.

But now you've grown so heavy.
I fear you're dead already.
I can't leave you here all alone.
I have to take you back home.

So won't you please come with me
And believe that I can see
The way out, the way home?
There'll be no more wandering all alone.

So please, rise and stand.
Follow me and hold my hand,
Because together we can win.
We can find the light within.


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