Poem about Spirituality

Life's Most Valuable And Purest Treasures

This short poem is just my thoughts into words on some of life's most valuable and purest treasures, and I can keep on counting! We all need to take a look at just how many wonderful treasures we are blessed with every single day!

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© more by Patricia L. Cisco

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2017 with permission of the Author.

Treasures come in so many ways:
the sun that lights the cloudy days,
a rainbow from a summer shower,
a rose that blooms within an hour.
Yes, treasures come in so many ways.

A baby's staring, wandering gaze,
a dolphin's dance on ocean waves.
Yes, treasures come in so many ways.

The heart beats of two souls in love,
a beautiful white and peaceful dove.
Yes, treasures come in so many ways.

A sky full of snowflakes of rarest form,
a cup of cocoa to keep us warm.
Yes, treasures come in so many ways.

A house full of family on holidays.
For these treasures we should give God praise!
Yes, treasures come in so many ways.

I could keep on counting for days and days!



I am a mother of two grown sons, we are an extremely close family & extended family, like all families we have had many wonderful & blessed times through life and we have experienced heart ache as well, I raised my sons, to never make judgement upon another persons journey in this life and to be the best them that they can be , that is all we...

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