War Poem

Two Sides To A War

Too often we forget that the real life definition of war is "men fighting, to the death, over the disagreement of leaders." I am an Iraqi vet, and I knew all along that the Iraqi soldiers were like me and my comrades, just had different uniforms, languages and orders.

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Different Uniform

© more by Gavin Campbell

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008 with permission of the Author.

He sat in his foxhole,
Fired his last round.
Looked at his friend,
Fatally wounded.
He thought of his wife.
Tears began to well
As he was captured.

The enemy interrogated
And questioned him.
They threatened his life.
If he didn't betray his nation,
He said again and again,
"I am just a soldier
I was ordered to fight."

Knowing it wasn't his right
To question the war,
He had fought fiercely
For the love of his land.
Every night he prayed,
Asking for an end to war
And to be with family.

He was now a POW
Longing for home,
Wondering about his wife,
If she was safe.
Swearing to never leave.
If only he could
Go home to Baghdad.


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