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As a teacher, mother, and daughter, I often find myself looking at things from a child's perspective. My father, now deceased, was a veteran of World War II. Although he never spoke much about his war experiences, I do know that he fought in many battles, including the Battle of Normandy. I often wonder what it was like for him, and what it is like for a child whose father is in war today. It is from this wonderment that my poem originates.

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I Wonder If My Daddy Misses Me


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009 with permission of the author.

I wonder if my daddy misses me like I miss him!
I wonder if he's coming home, and if so . . . when?

I wonder if my daddy remembers how I look!
I wonder if he looks at me in the pictures that he took?

Do you think that he remembers the color of my eyes?
Do you think he knows my mother lays in bed at night and cries?

I wonder if it scares him when he has to fire the gun!
I wonder when he hears gunfire, if he has to duck and run!

I wonder if he'd be surprised to see how much I've grown!
I wonder if he knows I'm proud of the bravery he has shown!

Do you think he knows we tied a yellow ribbon on the tree,
Waiting for the day to come when he's back home with me?

I hope he knows I love him and I miss him every night!
I wish the world would just find peace, and stop this awful fight!

When I grow up and I'm a dad with a family of my own,
I'm not going to go away . . .  I'm going to just stay home!


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