Spiritual Poem about Death

A good friend of mine lost her son in a car accident. I had known her son for several years and loved him like he was my own son. He was an amazing young man...silly sense of humor, great big heart, friend to everybody he met. His short life touched so many people. I sat down to write a letter from myself to him...my personal goodbye to him. What came out of my pen that day, though, was more of a goodbye from everyone that had the joy of knowing him. Until we meet again, Dylan.

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Until We Meet Again

© more by Heather Flood

Published: April 25, 2020

So short your time
here with us.
It's selfish to want you back,
but we miss you so much.
You lit up the world
with your smile and laughter,
and now you'll watch over us
from heaven, ever after.
You were on your way
to being an amazing man,
but God saw more for you.
He had a greater plan.
We will never forget you.
You'll always live in our heart,
and with you smiling down on us,
we will never part.
One day the tears will stop,
and the hurt we feel may end,
but you will always live on,
Son, brother, grandson, friend.
So, don't worry.
We will somehow carry on,
finding comfort and peace
that you're in heaven above.
We will always miss you.
We will always want you here,
but there are no good-byes
in the waterfall of tears.
We shall meet once more.
Your smile we will see again,
but you've just started what we all long for,
A life in heaven that has no end.
And though the world is a little darker
without you to light up our days,
we will see your smile forevermore
in the twinkling stars and shining sun's rays.

Until we meet again, my friend . . .


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