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Poem About A Breakup

When me and my boyfriend broke up

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Published: March 2009

Sitting in silence is the greatest virtue
Sitting in the dark is like no one cares enough to turn the light back on in your life
Sitting with the music blasting is like trying to drown out every problem you have
Sitting in the bathtub crying is like a suicide not yet planned
Sitting with all the lights on is like trying to forget the dark times
Sitting with the blade to your wrist seems like you were a failure
Sitting with the gun put to your head is like saying he broke my heart one too many times
But sitting next to you
Is like a hundred pieces of broken glass stabbing you in the heart
It's hard not to forget how I loved you and how you hurt me
It's hard to say you're not mine anymore
But the hardest is getting through the day knowing I won't get a call from you
But for some reason I still wait for your call
Sitting in silence is the greatest virtue
But sitting next to you is like glass



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