Regret Poem

Poem About Self Harm

It's about self harming. Not liking yourself. You want to be good enough.... Pretty enough.... You don't see it, but the hurting is on the inside... And every word said to someone can make them hurt themselves.

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Awwww, that reminds me of myself.

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When You Look Through A Broken Mirror


Published: June 2014

When you look through a mirror
The picture is clear
The beauty shown seems like you have no fears
The skinnier you are
The better you feel
The temptation of perfection fills the room
The longer your hair
The prettier you are
The urge to be amazing
It's the one thing you want
I fear you not
What you see isn't true
The cracks in the mirror reveal the real you
You see your scars
You see your pain
The makeup and tears running down your face
The blood and pain
After the war
The battle wounds open and sore
Go ahead
Try taking down the mirror
It won't help
The pain and hurting inside
Is the end of it all
The broken reflection lays on the floor
It's off the wall
It's the end
She takes a deep breath
Close your eyes
Go to rest
But never see daylight again


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  • Destiny by Destiny
  • 7 years ago

Awwww, that reminds me of myself.

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