Summer Poem

Poem About Joys of Summer

I had to do an assignment for my American Literature class, and I chose to make a poem about my summer. I'm not one to write poems, but I must say this is the best one I have ever written. I hope you enjoy it.

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Where In The World Did You Go, Summer?


Published: June 2014

Where in the world did you go, Summer?
I felt your warm breeze flow through the window of the car
as I made my way through the highways of the Big Apple.

Where in the world did you go, Summer?
I had you close,
as I walked the streets of Central Park.

Where in the world did you go, summer?
I felt you so near as I walked down 5th Avenue.

Where in the world did you go, Summer?
I felt your heat moisturize my skin with sweat.

I never saw you go;
I had you in the palms of my hands.

Where did you slip out through?

You did not have to leave so soon.

I saw you bring the family together as one to have a good time on the block.

I saw how you got the children to come outside and enjoy the water from the bumps on the curbs.

And I saw the rebellious side of you,
cutting everyone's electricity due to your heat.

Because of you, Summer,
I was reunited with my long lost family.
And for that, I thank you.

Your sense of freedom led me to go out and to meet amazing new people,
and let me say, I'll hold the memories close, always.

But oh, Summer, I must say, you've taught me quite the lesson...
ALWAYS put sunscreen on.



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