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Will You Still Love Me When You See Me For The First Time

I wrote this poem February 3, 2011 before my long-distance love from the Cayman Islands visited me for the first time in Jamaica. We met on our high school reunion website after he clicked the "wrong" link. I researched and discovered he was decent, smart and classy. We talked nightly on the phone for many hours having to force ourselves to say goodbye. Many questions kept running through my mind "Will he still love me if or when...?" I e-mailed the questions in poetic form entitled, "Will You?"

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I about 3 months ago met this guy on a social media site. He is in the Army, stationed about 3 hours from me at home. About a month ago we were scheduled to meet and he got called to a...

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Will You


Published: June 2011

Will you run into my arms the first time you see me,
Just as you whispered across the vast Caribbean Sea,
When my eyes, red from the sleepless night, anxious to see you in reality
Hides its beauty?

Will you embrace me so it feels like forever,
Though the smell of cheap perfume diffuses all over,
And my clothes worn, having refused to be adorned
By whom I'm scorned?

Will you love me tomorrow as you do today,
When I'm lost for words, with nothing to say,
Overwhelmed at the thought that you chose me
From the many hunters, all armed in their beauty?

Will you still love me when I have loved you so much,
That all I do is stand in wait to satisfy your desires in a rush,
And my olive-brown skin no longer glows, but wrinkles
From life's blows?


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  • Stephanie by Stephanie
  • 2 years ago

I love this poem, mostly because it describes how I feel for the man that lives literally across the Caribbean sea from me. I'm in Georgia, in the USA. Meanwhile, he's in Trinidad, and I care so much for him. I hope he still feels the same once we meet. He's planned to come here this time next year.

  • Bahamas by Bahamas
  • 7 years ago

I have been talking to this guy I met online for a little over a month. He lives in Sweden and I live in the Bahamas. Although we are miles apart I have never felt so deeply about anyone. He knows all of my secrets yet he stands by me and refuses to let me go. I know his secrets and I accept him for the good and the bad. He accepts me for who I am flaws and all....I can't wait to meet him someday because I know what we have between us is meant to be.

  • Tammy Tower by Tammy Tower
  • 5 years ago

I about 3 months ago met this guy on a social media site. He is in the Army, stationed about 3 hours from me at home. About a month ago we were scheduled to meet and he got called to a meeting in Washington. Two days later he was deployed to an "undisclosed location." We have not actually met or talked to each other. I feel so strongly that I love him and his 2 year old daughter. I feel I love her as my own! We are hoping by Christmas we will be able to meet, but it's the military, so no promises. For now we have email, and I can send pictures and poems and song lyrics to explain how I feel, but he only can email because of the "mission" he is on. They are not allowed more than that for communication! Thank you for your poem. It really helped me in our situation!

  • Philliph by Philliph, South Africa Gauteng
  • 8 years ago

That's me and my girlfriend. It's been 8 months we've been dating. We haven't met. I cannot stop thinking about what will happen when we meet.

  • Tasha by Tasha
  • 8 years ago

This poem is absolutely fabulous, as it so clearly express the way I also feel. I'm in a long distance relationship and I'm scared thinking about what our first encounter will be like. Will he feel the same way as he felt the day before we met? The questions that plague my mind is terrifying. But I hope he loves me the same.

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