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I am just here to be a server to all of those who are in need. I am a prayer partner where I go to service and am happy to serve all.

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This poem is so great. I can feel the love and faith of God.

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You Take Me There

Ralph P Quinonez © more by Ralph P Quinonez

Published: August 2010

As I search for your Saving grace,
I know one day I'll see your face.
Waiting is the hardest thing for me,
I know with you I will be so free.
You take me up and lay me back down,
I know with you I am and will be found.
I seek you each day and seek your name,
I am nothing without you or your Fame.
Waking with you, you give me power,
To make it another day and another hour.
Learning your word is oh so smart,
I love you, Lord, with all my heart.
You gave up for me all your life,
We could not stop all the strife.
Every day I will always say,
I long to return to you one day.
Love me, Lord, and keep me strong,
Without you I can never get alone.
So hear my prayers and bring me peace,
My sins, oh Lord, will slowly cease.
My heart is heavy and I am weak,
You love is strong as you speak.
Keep me safe at comforts arms,
Give me grace without any harm.
Give me eternity and take me home,
That day I will never be alone.


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  • Alyssa Jane Aparato by Alyssa Jane Aparato, Philippines
  • 5 years ago

This poem is so great. I can feel the love and faith of God.

  • Bre by Bre
  • 7 years ago

Yes, this poem has touched me because I am a youth and I write poems at church and with me looking at other peoples poem that makes me want to do more. When I go to college I want to write poems as a side job.

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