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Angry At Friend Poem

I had a best friend who I used to hang out with all the time; we were so close. I was more like a friend with benefits, used to get to other people. And eventually I couldn't hold on any longer, so I left. And through all the rough, I managed to write my thoughts and feelings on paper and submit them to this lovely website.

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You're No Friend Of Mine


Published: July 2013

I need to figure myself out
I need time, I need space
But I hate being alone
I hate the silence
I hate your face

Look what you did to me
I'm a monster inside
Seems like there's no ending
To let these emotions subside

I gave it a month, rather two
But this stuff keeps coming back
I thought we were through...

How could you,
How could you,
How could you?
Please, just shut up
You make me sick



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