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  1. 21. The Times We Live In

    It's a simple rhyming poem about living during COVID.

    At the minute, times are tough.
    The self-isolation can be rough.
    Day after day, night after night.
    The future unfolding is not so bright.
    The world seems so strange, just not the same.
    It feels so detached; it's such a shame.
    This can't be it; there's got to be more.
    We've got to reset; we've got to restore.
    The world's in bad shape, but it's not the end.
    Be there for one another; try to be a good friend.
    At the minute, yes, times are tough,
    But if we stick together, it can be enough.
    Give encouragement and show our support.
    By showing love to all, we cannot fall short.
    Yes, the world's in bad shape, and yes, it's strange,
    But together we can beat this; only together we can change.
    So no matter how bad things seem to be,
    If we are in it together, it's not that bad; I think you'll agree.
    We need to be patient; we need to be kind.
    If we do it this together, true joy we can find
    So once again our future looks bright.
    Together we'll get through this; the end is in sight,
    So don't get upset; just smile or grin
    'Cause these are the times we find ourselves living in...

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  2. 22. Acorn

    • By Darren C. Mossman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2020

    Just a simple poem with a message of hope in a time of pandemic, rebirth in dark times

    Poem About Hope In A Time Of Pandemic

    The spring was a ghost, as winter wither'd away.
    The bird's song was vapid, the flowers awaited May.
    Alone we all sat, windows locked and shutter'd,
    afraid of our neighbours, our bread went unbutter'd.

    All shopkeepers were closed, all kegs were untapped,
    all music did cease, all performance unclapped.
    Alone we all sat, doors closed and locked.
    Our pantry's slowly dwindling, inadequately stocked.

    All games were ended, all our works were halted.
    All prayers were whispered, all hopes were exalted.
    Alone we all sat, as the world slowly warmed,
    the trees unpruned, ragged and deformed.

    The gardens untilled, the boats tied to dock.
    The productive were idle, the busy as rock.
    Alone we all sat, avoiding the ravage
    of an invisible foe, so vile and savage.

    The streets were all empty, the pews were all bare.
    The neighbours were treated only with what we could spare.
    Alone we all sat, fearful and forlorn,
    Locked in our homes, to weather this storm.

    As the sun warms the airs, and the rains wet its feet,
    The Oak reaches upwards as if heaven to meet.
    Alone we all sat, uncertain and torn,
    Our Solace unveiled by its wee acorn.

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  3. 23. A Brave Nurse, That She Is...

    • By Kimberley Thomas
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020

    The poem was written by me during the lockdown 2020 as a result of COVID-19. The poem tells a story of the bravery of a nurse who leaves for work each day, feeling very fearful like you and I but continues with her professional and caring duties.

    A brave nurse, that she is.
    She faces her fears for us,
    By whipping on her scrubs and gloves
    Each day with no fuss.

    When leaving her home,
    A lump forms in the back of her throat.
    She anxiously gazes back at her family
    As she waves and zips up her coat.

    At the hospital where she's based,
    A thick dark cloud lingers over the ward.
    She whispers under her breath,
    Please help these people recover, Lord.

    More patients are admitted with COVID,
    And the beds are now fully occupied.
    She is unable to contain the tears,
    As she sees no family by their side.

    A brave nurse, that she is,
    But this is her most difficult task.
    Her lips are actually trembling, you know,
    Behind the medical mask.

    A bed soon becomes vacant,
    The virus was just too strong.
    She replaces the sheets as tears flow,
    And that's another one gone.

    A brave nurse, that she is,
    But remember this too,
    She is also very fearful,
    Just like me and you.

    Oh, a brave nurse, that she is.

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    I'm in nursing school. The pandemic isn't as severe now, but it's still just as scary. I've lost so much and so many to COVID and the idea of helping someone's family member recover from...

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  4. 24. How Do I Make Amends?

    I wrote this poem in response to all the terrible tragedies occurring in the US now and how troubled I am by the way we have treated our black citizens throughout history. It is shameful.

    Black And White Issues

    How do I cope with the shame that I feel
    And then look you straight in the eye?
    And how do I claim to stand for what's right,
    Then accept disregard for your lives?

    I grew up in a place that was safe and secure;
    Opportunity knocked at my door.
    I never accepted enough was enough
    When the world always offered me more.

    The schools I attended were cloaked in pure white,
    And I watched from their lily white halls
    While you had to fight for the little you had,
    And I was just handed it all.

    The black of your skin made you different from me,
    And I learned from the powers that be
    That we'd never be allies in living this life
    And should remain on our side of the streets.

    But as I grew up, I became so confused,
    And I wished to get closer to you.
    But how could you trust a word that I said
    When all I'd shown you was callous abuse?

    How do I make some sense of it all
    When injustice can't ever make sense?
    And how do I seek your forgiveness
    When I can't begin to know how to repent?

    The cycle of hatred is hard to escape
    When adults in your life lead your way.
    And how do you face that those "truths" once believed
    Were just words to control and betray?

    I know I can never right all the wrongs
    Or remove all the scars left behind.
    But my heart feels the weight of the hurt that we caused,
    And your torment encumbers my mind.

    I ponder incessantly on what I can do.
    I don't want to seem shallow or fake.
    Is it enough that I willingly stand by your side?
    Or are there far too many amends to be made?

    I need you to know how sorry I am,
    Though I'm sure it's too little too late.
    But I want you to see that I won't let you down
    And your hope in me ever forsake.

    My promise is now to bear witness.
    I won't leave you alone in your pain.
    And for the sake of your children and grandchildren,
    I'll fight for a world filled with change.

    Your survival is proof of your courage
    And exposes what cowards we've been!
    And I long for and pray that one day I'll be blessed
    To, perhaps, hear you call me your friend.

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  5. 25. Ballad Of Twin Towers

    • By Graham L. West
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2017

    This is a tragic ballad written in memory of 9/11.

    Losing Husband On 9/11

    That morning we woke up,
    Like any other day.
    We brushed our teeth, I brushed my hair.
    Nothing new to say.

    He said "Goodbye, I'm going to work,"
    While I stayed at home.
    I took the kids to school
    And heard a ring on my phone.

    I picked up my cell,
    Holding my coffee cup.
    It was my sister Stacey.
    She said, "Turn the radio up."

    When I got home
    They were waiting at the door.
    They called me over.
    My eyes started to pour.

    This morning I wake up
    With no one in the bed.
    I wish my husband were here,
    But he can't come back from the dead.

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  6. 26. Half-Staff

    • By Jennifer R. Owens
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2019

    My son and I were going out to lunch recently. As we passed a school, we took notice that the flag was flying at half-staff. My son asked why. I reminded him of the two very recent mass shootings in our country. Feeling sad to see our flag lowered so often I commented that, "They should just keep the flag lowered to half-staff because these tragedies are happening so frequently." I was inspired to express my feelings in this poem.

    The Recent Shootings And Our Flag At Half-staff

    Today our flag is flying low
    as teardrops stain its cloth,
    mourning yet another day
    so many lives were lost.

    Shopping just as we've all done
    many countless times,
    celebrating time off work,
    a feeling so sublime.

    But something else was lurking there...
    an evil so obscene,
    a stranger armed with magazines
    that stopped their lives mid-stream.

    I fear that we will never see
    the tears of grieving dried,
    nor over our bucolic land
    our flag raised high in pride.

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  7. 27. Coronavirus - At War

    I wrote this about the Coronavirus and its effect on all of us.

    Our political views mean nothing,
    There are no sides to take.
    Both young and old must be prepared
    To fight for all our sakes.

    Guns and tanks are tinker toys;
    Violence has no place.
    Our enemy creeps silently
    Without a single trace.

    The world must share this battle;
    There are no neutral zones.
    We must stand united in our hearts,
    Though standing quite alone.

    Our basic need for human touch,
    For now must be denied.
    And we must find inventive ways
    To convey what lies inside.

    Our heroes aren't our generals,
    With medals on their chests.
    But those nurses and those doctors,
    Who our lives we have bequest.

    We wake each day to numbers,
    Again there's thousands more.
    Neighbors, friends, and family,
    Our casualties of war.

    We've lost things we took for granted,
    That made us feel alive.
    And now within our prison walls,
    We must find a way to thrive.

    But we never will surrender
    Or let our lights grow dim.
    It's our humanness that will prevail
    And set us free again.

    Those people who we've never met,
    In places far away,
    Must face this same relentless foe,
    That we too must face each day.

    And so we are united,
    One people standing strong.
    Pushing through this darkest time,
    Until again we greet the dawn.

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  8. 28. The Twin Towers

    • By Julia A. Grist
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2020

    I was waiting for the TV repair man to come and was watching a news flash when the first plane hit! When he arrived, we carried on watching together and saw the second plane hit the second tower!! We stood stunned for a while then realized we both had tears in our eyes. I had to put pen to paper!

    The Tragedy Of 9/11

    The month was September and the day was quite nice,
    But this was to change on the shake of a dice.
    Two planes with hundreds of people on board
    Were about to crash, so they tried to get word
    To families and friends on the ground in their homes,
    Waiting for loved ones to use mobile phones.
    All we could do was watch things unfold.
    Unable to help made our blood run cold.
    As the planes hit the towers, folks got trapped inside,
    And having no warning, there was nowhere to hide.
    There was no other way out, so that is why
    People broke windows and jumped out to die!
    All we could hear was the deafening sound
    As both twin towers fell to the ground!
    The dust and the litter that shrouded New York
    Was totally horrendous and left nowhere to walk!
    Osama Bin Laden is the one we should blame.
    He and his followers show no pity or shame.
    We hope and we pray that they made it to Heaven,
    All those poor souls he murdered on nine eleven!

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  9. 29. Fireball

    Sometimes a thought or a few sentences come to mind that I write down, hoping to settle the stress or worries of the day. Lately, with Covid and the fires, getting thoughts on paper has helped. Here's something that came to mind yesterday when I saw the ominous sunlight in my home. I hope the words I express here relate to others and their worries as well. Stay safe, everyone.

    Poem About Wildfires

    The light shaded my home
    in the eeriest of yellow,
    as if sunset, forced too early,
    cried and bellowed.

    The clouds weep of ash,
    barring heat upon the ground.
    The wind came too quickly,
    without warning or sound.

    The air is still and heavy;
    with caution we do breathe.
    Our homes, our only haven,
    we hesitate to leave.

    We listen for the cries
    of those who shout in horror.
    We run to help our neighbor,
    The heat cutting to our core.

    We worry for all those that lost,
    whose lives are all asunder.
    Who will come to rescue them?
    This is what we wonder.

    We worry for Mother Nature,
    her creatures large and small.
    Their dens and trees all gone now
    in a devastating fireball.

    Our heroes are weak with tire,
    yet they strive to carry on.
    This catastrophe is dire.
    Perhaps hope will come with the dawn.

    Each year it seems much drier
    than the year before.
    California is on fire,
    I hope and pray no more.

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  10. 30. Never Again

    I see all people living in the world as one big family, brothers and sisters all basically the same, just different nationalities. Recent issues have been the inspiration for this poem.

    Worldwide Social Injustice

    It's time to embrace every culture,
    One flock, one shepherd, one fold
    Whatever our race, hue or faith
    We're all made from the same mould.

    Words said that shouldn't be spoken,
    Which create spiraling typhoons.
    Too many hearts being broken,
    Too many lives taken too soon.

    What happened to love thy neighbour
    The same as we love our own selves?
    Wistful in the face of failure
    Are those with hearts where kindness dwells.

    Take the lead, let live and let breathe.
    All mankind is born in freedom.
    It's written in the stars and creed.
    Stand by your faith, care and reason.

    For peace and worldwide harmony,
    As life was surely preordained,
    We can only hope fervently
    No one ever gets crushed again.

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  11. 31. They Were

    • By Tammi James Kantola
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015

    My heart was shaken when I heard this news, and I just couldn't seem to move on. I am a teacher, and children have always been the highlight of my life. Having participated in these "lock-down" drills, I can only imagine how things must have been that day. It gives purpose and meaning for me and inspires me to do more than just what is expected in the face of terror. It truly was such a meaningless act, and yet there are such strong survivors in the face of this tragedy.

    Poem About The Victims Of Sandy Hook

    Dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary

    They were the ones who made us smile
    And blessed our lives for a very short while.
    They were the ones who believed no wrong
    And in the face of terror had to stay strong.
    They were the ones who unconditionally gave
    And now are the victims we failed to save.
    They were the ones who were so suddenly taken,
    And the world was left with its soul shaken.
    They were the ones marked with innocence
    And stolen away in an act that made no sense.
    They were our family, our friends, and our future,
    And now the minds we're no longer to nurture.
    They were the ones who have made history,
    And forever the face of this haunting mystery.

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  12. 32. God's Little Angels

    Every day we hear about horrific events happening when we listen to the news. These events are incomprehensible to us, and when they are committed against children, it is even more so. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the innocent victims involved. A parent's worst nightmare is the death of a child and their life not lived.

    School Violence

    Robb Elementary School is reeling
    From the violence they've endured
    So many lives were taken
    Evil opens up its door
    Precious little souls
    Bright-eyed and full of life
    How were they to know
    On that day they'd lose their life
    There has to be an answer
    To the violence that occurs
    To the pain and the suffering
    That the parents must endure
    We hear about these horrors
    On the news too many days
    And it seems the evil out there
    Will sadly never go away
    I pray to God in heaven
    To bless these little souls
    Because they now are angels
    In loving arms, he does enfold

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  13. 33. Tears

    Prayers For Ukraine

    Tears of anger,
    Fear, anguish,
    We pray for Ukraine.
    Tears of worry,
    We pray for Ukraine.
    Tears of disbelief,
    Words fail us,
    We pray for Ukraine.

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  14. 34. Human Beings

    Have faith and the courage to make changes.

    Searching For Hope For Humanity

    Wars, wars near and far,
    Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes.
    All these natural disasters
    So close to home,
    Tearing up the earth, whirling 'round and 'round,
    Destroying homes and even the land.

    Humans dying,
    People crying out
    From all the pain.
    Sickness, starvation, incurable disease
    Eating away at humanity
    From the inside out.

    Crime and violence
    As never seen before.
    Murder for no reason at all.
    Rape, innocent victims screaming out.
    So many in prison serving time.
    Suicide for those who no longer know what to do.

    Disobedience of authority,
    Including their parents,
    Immorality of every kind.
    All of these things happening
    Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
    No peace in sight, or so it seems.

    We need to look further
    Before time runs out.
    We only have one more chance
    To make our lives better.
    Don't give in to humanity's selfish plight.
    Make the right decision for yourselves.

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  15. 35. A Rest Well-Earned

    Giving thought and recognition to all the key workers during these difficult times of the pandemic.

    A Poem About Essential Workers

    Work hard, my weary body, please.
    There's lots that must be done.
    These strange old times I've never known
    Have only just begun.

    Work hard, my weary body, please.
    This battle must be won
    So I can find the brighter days
    And lay out in the sun.

    There will be days I cannot smile,
    When you have to say goodbye,
    But I will hold your hand, my friend.
    Can't promise I won't cry.

    And when these days are over,
    And they will, of that I'm sure,
    Won't take for granted anything
    We always had before.

    So if there's something we should take,
    A lesson may be learned,
    But for now my weary body needs
    A rest that's been well-earned.

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  16. 36. This Too Shall Pass

    • By Mariella Scerri
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020

    I tried to pen my feelings during these unprecedented times we are living... the social distancing from our loved ones, the fear of the unknown while trying to juggle working from home and at home.

    Looking Forward To The End Of COVID-19

    I long for the day to leave my den,
    To roam the streets by night and day.
    To venture out without a fear,
    To embrace the ones that I hold dear.

    Scrubbed the house and baked some bread,
    Mowed the lawn and cleared the shed,
    Helped the children with their math,
    Helped my neighbor feed the cats.

    I try hard to keep at bay
    all my worries and concerns.
    I restrain my troubled mind
    And try to ease my weary heart.

    I pray every single day
    for humanity to be saved,
    And I hope that this will pass,
    to continue with my life.

    I long for the day to leave my den,
    To roam the streets by night and day.
    To venture out without a fear,
    To embrace the ones that I hold dear.

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  17. 37. My Mask

    This is a simple rhyming poem about having to wear masks due to Covid. It's written from the mask's point of view...

    Poem About Wearing A Mask During Covid

    I just want to be a good friend.
    I'm not here to start a new trend.
    I know I'm not the perfect fit.
    I know I may irritate you a bit.
    I just want a bit of respect
    As it's you I'm trying to protect.
    I know I can be in your face,
    But to discard me is a total disgrace.
    I know I'm new to your life,
    But I'm here to relieve stress and strife.
    I know I don't fit in with your style,
    And behind me you always hide your smile.
    I know you won't need me for long,
    But I still want our bond to be strong.
    I want to go everywhere with you
    Even if it's just standing in queue.
    So trust me, I'm up for this task.
    I promise, I'll be a good Mask.

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    Latest Shared Story

    So true! I love how it is told from the mask's perspective! If I were a mask, I definitely would have those thoughts. These times are so difficult!!
    -Raven Schewe, age 11

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  18. 38. Mother's Day 2020

    • By Cindy J. Nowak
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020

    A poem to all of my students' moms/grandmothers who have been homeschooling during this pandemic. I invited them to a Zoom meeting with their child to share my appreciation of them.

    Teacher Thanking Mothers For Homeschooling During Pandemic

    You are so appreciated every day.
    Things have changed in so many ways.
    This will be a year we never forget,
    So blessed and glad that we met.
    You all hold a special place in my heart.
    You have kept your children on task from the start.
    I know it has been a lot of work
    I am forever grateful for your support.
    I wish you the best Mother's Day.
    Make it memorable and a fun day!

    Mrs. Nowak 2020

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  19. 39. War Why?

    • By Kylie Duke
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008
    Poem Questioning War And Fighting

    Hurt, pain, suffering, people are dying.
    What's going on? We're both crying.
    Guns, hand grenades, and bombs too,
    People running scared; they don't know what to do.
    Most people run, most people hide, most people crawl,
    But the slow people only fall.
    War is here, war is here, war is here.
    It's like a bad man's happy cheer.
    What's happening? What made all this start?
    People who are killing obviously have no heart.
    Children scared, they call for mum and dad.
    They're calling for the people they now not have.
    The gun shots go all day and night.
    The fighters hold their positions tight.
    People have come to help, come to save them all,
    But they too turn and fall,
    So now don't close your eyes.
    See and feel all the suffering people's cries.
    They need our help; they need a hand.
    They need people like you and me who can understand,
    So get up off your couch,
    Put on a uniform and don't slouch.
    Learn the rules of a fair fight.
    Help the bad people know what's right.
    War has come to end.
    War has come to end.

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    I can see what you write and totally agree with you, I may not be in a war but my family lived in Iraq until my brother got killed there. His family lives now in Netherland but they still...

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  20. 40. Prayer

    Due to the sickness that the world is facing, the only hope we have is the faith that God will soon end this.

    The World Needs Your Healing

    Protect us, Lord, and send your healing,
    Receive our prayers that keep on pouring.
    Allow your people to have their second chance.
    Yes, Lord, we are begging you hand in hand.
    Each of us may have our sins,
    But remember us, Lord, and let this pandemic virus end.

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