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  1. 41. Keep Your Head Up

    • By Matt McFarland
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    Trying not to get lost in life.

    Every time I try and sit and try and make a change,
    I always try and think of things that I could rearrange.

    And when I find the meaning of life and lessons that are taught,
    I'll take a look back and realize and tell you exactly what I thought.

    Life was never meant to be easy, and everyone has their days,
    But if you keep your head to the sky, you will find your way.

    I've been through hell and nearly back, and I still have some growing up to do,
    But I need to do this for myself and do what I have to do.

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    I connect with you totally. I think of this and that, try to do and live differently, yet I remain in the circle of life's hostility.

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  2. 42. Start Fresh

    • By Ruchi Katendra
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017

    This is my story. For the first time in a very long time I've had an opportunity to start fresh, so I want to convey my feelings through this poem. This poem is about forgetting the bad things that happened to you and starting fresh.

    I wanna start fresh...

    and forget this place, the wicked world I live in,
    but not forget how glorious and essential it was to me.

    Forget the memories that make me weak and sad,
    but not forget the memories that are an anchor to my strength.

    Forget the people who caused me pain,
    but not forget those who were with me in heavy rain.

    Forget my past, mistakes, and regrets,
    but not forget the lessons I learned from them.

    Forget the days when I cried silently, not aloud,
    but not forget the same days that make me strong.

    Forget the old me, find myself and explore,
    and emerge and shine as never before.

    This is why
    I wanna start fresh.

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    Very good words have been given to the stronger self-discovered after failures in life. Such attitude is essential to keep moving in today's very competitive life.

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  3. 43. The Strongest Part Of Me

    This poem is from Ashleigh Rayl's poetry collection, A Beautiful Difference.

    Even in my darkest moments
    I still have that little voice
    encouraging me to go on.
    To stand up and keep fighting.
    To wipe my tears and pull it together.
    To never give up.
    That quitting is not an option.
    That it will be ok no matter what.
    Without that voice I would be lost.
    I couldn’t make it in this world.
    That is the strongest part of me.

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  4. 44. Think Pink!

    • By Ember Griswold
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015

    I have a friend whose daughter has to recite a poem, and they wanted it to be on breast cancer awareness. I also have a friend who has fought the battle with breast cancer and has won, with the exception of losing both of her breasts in the process. It is a daily fight that she faces with the hope, love and encouragement of those around her. She is my inspiration for this poem.

    Each month be sure to check your breasts
    To ensure there aren't any unwanted guests.

    Cancer's next victim I will not be.
    Checking yourself is the key.

    Lumps and bumps I hope not to find.
    Terrible tricks cancer plays on the mind.

    A doctor's visit once a year.
    Will help to be sure you're in the clear.

    The battle with cancer many have lost.
    Not checking monthly isn't worth the cost.

    October we celebrate those who fought and won,
    And searching for a cure is never done.

    You could be next if you don't stop and think.
    October...breast cancer awareness...yes...I will think pink!

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  5. 45. Just Want A Happy Life

    • By Sadwick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2016

    Sometimes I feel like life has so many things against us. Poverty. Personal issues. With these weights on our shoulders, we don't feel happy or we try to find it but can't. You can find it. You just have to preserve through it.

    I live with depravity,
    Pressure like gravity.
    Why can't they just see
    I want to live happily?

    Surrounded by poverty,
    The cravings of obesity,
    Those dreams of reality.
    Why can't they just see
    I want to be all I can be?

    I try to live with simplicity,
    But I get hit with hostility.
    People keep telling me
    You won't live happily.

    Forget all this negativity.
    I'm going against normality,
    Living a life of morality
    In a world full of brutality.

    Spitting out blasphemy,
    Using profanity.
    Why not be in harmony?
    Treat strangers like family.

    Going to love unconditionally,
    I know my personality.
    Don't need this scrutiny.
    I know who I will be,
    Just watch and see.

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  6. 46. Sorry

    • By Teona Johnson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    Strength will help you move on. I dedicate this to everyone whose heart has been stained.

    We are sorry for all that has happened.
    It hurt us too,
    And together we will mend
    Your heart all the way through.

    We will help you realize
    That you are not alone.
    All that you needs is strength, the real prize
    And let the true you be shown.

    You have not yet noticed how strong you really are.
    You could make it too.
    With help from us, you could go far.
    We can help you make the ultimate breakthrough.

    We can help you escape the river of sorrow.
    Your heart's been stained with dirt.
    We want to help your bloodstream flow.
    We understand your heart's been hurt.

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  7. 47. Today's Walk

    I am someone who loves to write from my heart.

    I will walk slowly through this day;
    I leave what is not needed behind from yesterday.
    I will treasure all the knowledge to move forward.
    What I do today will not change or erase the past..
    I move on knowing that today I will do differently than before.
    If I fail, there will be another tomorrow and a future tomorrow for hope..

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  8. 48. To Be Happy

    • By Shawna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 15, 2021

    To be kind,
       I must think.
    To be selfless,
       It's not about me.
    To be brave,
       I must hold my head high.
    To be fearless,
       I can't always hide.
    To be grateful,
       I feel love from within.
    To be compatible,
       I'm no better than them.
    To truly be thankful,
       I must have gratitude in mind.
    To be determined,
       I have to actually try.
    To be stress free,
       I have to keep self-soothing.
    To be energetic,
       I got to keep moving.
    To love unconditionally,
       I need to love myself first.
    To be the best me,
        I must know my self-worth.

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    So well done. It's an important message and I like your style. Very good job. Self-improvement and introspection can be tough jobs but well worth the effort.

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  9. 49. Fly!

    • By Linette
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2016

    I just wanted to take a moment to express my heart's creative desire to help uplift God's beautiful world with a short, simple poem offering a positive and caring vibration. I pray for an abundance of God's infinite blessings, health, peace and wonderful creativity to you all, dear friends.

    Open heart and open mind,
    On a journey of a lifetime.
    Love and respect all,
    Get back up when you fall.
    Beat your drum like only you can;
    You're already part of the band!
    Shoulders back, head held high,
    Smile on.!

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  10. 50. Go With Grace

    With a new month comes new hope and also the opportunity to express our love to those dearest to us, and wish them well. I'm blessed with three wonderful sisters, and this poem is for them.

    Each morning of this month
    When you rise upon your bed,
    May it be with renewed grace
    To face the day ahead.

    May favor and laughter
    Be what this new month will bring.
    May it give you breakthroughs
    And plenty reasons to sing.

    May God's peace, like a river
    Overflow within your soul.
    May His tender, gentle whispers
    Always heal and make you whole.

    May each passing week
    Only make your beauty abound.
    May you remain a source of joy
    To all you have around.

    May the Lord's loving hand
    Guide you each and every day.
    And may you shine bright for Him
    As you go along your way.

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  11. 51. Thoughts For Life

    • By Annanya
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2020

    This poem is about life, as to what one should remind oneself each day. Life is about living this journey on earth. This journey of life might end any day. One ought to choose to live life.

    We are on this planet for a limited span of time;
    Validity of our life's visa can end anytime.

    Begin your day with enthusiasm and end with satisfaction;
    Work toward achieving your goals and do follow your passion.

    Waste not your energy on negativity;
    Find your opportunity to be better when faced with difficulty.

    Celebrate your honest efforts like you will when you attain success.
    Failures shall be there; learn and keep going, nevertheless.

    Avail the most of this very present;
    Never shall return the passing moment.

    The future is surrounded by clouds of uncertainty;
    Let hope and faith be your guide till eternity.

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  12. 52. Renewed By The Morning Light

    This poem is about nature and also about being grateful for each new day and a chance to start anew.

    I sit upon my front porch stoop
    Beneath the morning sun.
    Grateful for the moment spent
    Away from everyone.

    The air is fresh and slightly chilled,
    The sky is blue and clear.
    The silence that surrounds me now
    Is music to my ears.

    I love the morning best of all,
    It's my most tranquil time,
    When the promise of a brand new day
    Can ease my troubled mind.

    When second chances seem more possible
    And the world less cold and dark,
    And hope can somehow pierce the walls
    Of my sad and aching heart.

    When left alone with nature
    All the world seems far away
    And the woes of life so trivial
    When wrapped in her embrace.

    But alas the birds awaken
    And begin to sing their songs,
    And people slowly wander by
    And nod as they go on.

    The sun has now grown brighter
    As it rises in the sky
    And in the distance there's a whistle
    As a train goes lumbering by.

    The world is calling out to me
    To jump back in the fray.
    To have faith things can get better
    And let go of yesterday.

    So today I get to start again
    By the morning light renewed.
    Feeling brave and energized,
    There is nothing I can't do.

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    This poem is absolutely beautiful! I, too, spend as much time as possible outside with Nature! The birds and trees help to start each day, no matter the weather. I do my best thinking,...

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  13. 53. In The New Year

    • By Trupti Paliwal
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017

    I wrote it on January 1, 2017, when I was sitting alone in my house. I have so many friends online, but no one is free to talk.

    In this new year,
    Let's talk more, chat less.
    Let's call more, text less.
    Let's meet more, Skype less.
    Let's travel more, collect less.
    Let's care more, ignore less.
    Let's do more, gossip less.
    Let's praise more, blame less.
    Let's share more, accumulate less.
    Let's experience more, fear less.
    Let's love more, hate less.

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  14. 54. The Time Is Now

    With this poem, I want to motivate the reader to live their life to the fullest, to make the most of their life...

    We have but a short time
    On this earth,
    So value your life
    For what it's really worth.

    Your life has purpose.
    God sent you on a mission.
    To live, to love, to learn -
    Is His commission.

    The world needs you.
    Believe me, it's true!
    Some things need doing
    That only you can do.

    Character matters;
    Be your own person,
    Your own original self,
    Not someone else's version.

    Develop your talents;
    They are unique.
    Use your time well;
    Listen only to positive critique.

    Go after your dreams.
    Be bold. Be brave.
    Swim against the stream;
    It's more than okay.

    The time is now
    To find your passion.
    Time waits for no one,
    So get into action.

    To be free of regret
    In your old age,
    Never ever forget
    To fully live today!

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  15. 55. The Ride

    • By Sean Parekh
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2012

    My poem is simply about life and how it is a journey for all of us. How we shouldn't worry about where we are going but just enjoy the ride. How we should go after what we believe in.

    I don't know where this ride is taking me.
    I don't know when to let go.
    All I know is I'm in it for the journey
    To give me more and more.

    I chase dreams I don't yet know.
    I try to be something I don't even know.

    I look for things I cannot find.
    I believe more in my heart than my mind.

    I play for things that cannot be won,
    I learn to fly before I run.

    I make fire on what can't be burned.
    I teach things that cannot be learned.

    I don't know where this ride is taking me.
    I don't know when to let go.
    All I know is I'm in it for the journey
    To give me more and more.

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    Honestly, this poem was pretty amazing. I loved all you had to say, honestly. It was short and cut to the chase. Things you already know, but no one dares to say. "I believe in my heart more...

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  16. 56. From The Heaven Up Above

    Nothing is as strong as gentleness.
    Nothing is as gentle as real strength
    Faith is not contrary to the usual ideas,
    something that turns out to be right or wrong,
    Give way to roads with greater bend
    and empty signs that still pretend. This poem is also posted on my poem-hunter.

    Why can't we sleep forever
    And live inside our dreams,
    Sheltered from the heartbreak
    That life can sometimes bring.
    You could live in a world
    Bordered only by your mind
    And never have to worry
    About running out of time.
    You could live out all your dreams,
    A life of love and laughter.
    Your every desire is fulfilled,
    You'd live happily ever after.
    You could take the stars
    From the heavens up above
    Then gift them to the one
    That shares your feelings of love.
    You could gather every rose
    For only their eyes to see.
    You would never have to question
    Will this love forever be.

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  17. 57. Game Of Life

    • By Sarah White
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    I wrote this poem when I had a lot of things going on in my life and I wanted to give myself a positive new start. Really helped!

    Roll the dice,
    Play a new game.
    Life for you
    Will never be the same.

    No looking back,
    No aspect of time,
    You now have
    A new mountain to climb.

    Your body seems to stop
    Whilst the world keeps going.
    With no time to think,
    Time still keeps flowing.

    Going back to the dice
    And the game, you will roll
    It's time to start a new life
    Complete with heart and soul.

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  18. 58. Life Is A Rose

    • By Talish
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    I wrote this poem because I feel that everyone, including myself, experiences unexpected downfalls in our lives. Just when we think something is going right, suddenly out of nowhere, you experience a loss or a terrible thing that really brings you down. However, people need to understand that there is hope and that there is an entire life waiting for them to be painted with many colors. I want this poem to inspire people to enjoy, accept, and live their lives freely.

    Together, we all live different lives,
    Whether we are doctors, students, or parents,
    That can still make up a continuous field of roses.
    A field of roses, shining yellow, red, white and pink,
    Which subtly grow in the midst of time,
    And day by day, their heads successfully rise,
    Slowly reaching the clear blue sky.

    But sometimes we may experience some terrible times,
    That perhaps are caused by downfalls from the past,
    Each downfall is like a falling petal.
    Petal after petal, a person we once loved,
    Whether it was a friend or a parent,
    Suddenly leaves our precious hearts,
    Which results in a permanent, painful scar.
    But as this growing pain slowly enters
    And gradually controls every root of our bodies,
    We'll discover, in the end, that our shadow still remains.

    As our body, our stem still stands alone,
    Weak, thirsty, gradually falling into the warm earth's soil.
    And just as there were times that put us
    In a state of loneliness and despair,
    New lives begin to blossom
    As the pollen's internal strength paints them gold.

    Life, it is not something of fear nor shame,
    But something that will continuously fall and rise.
    So, let the lives be remarkable, radiant roses,
    Roses that sparkle in the fields forever.

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    I will recite your poem at an upcoming event because this is well written, visual, and relates to everyone. I will be crediting you as well. Keep writing!

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  19. 59. Don't Give Up

    You'll find who you are looking for.

    We wait for what we long for.
    We long for what we need.
    Impatience and anxiety
    Give root to errant deed,
    Which grows to yield but heartache,
    The fruit that poisons trust,
    And so to shadow we recede
    And hope descends to dust.
    But somehow from the ashes
    The will to try again
    Doth mend the heart
    And forge the path
    In search of that one friend
    Who never will betray us,
    Who never will go astray.
    But fear still lurks upon the thought
    While waiting for that day.
    We'll simply stumble once again,
    For we know not who to trust,
    Thus thoughts becomes an enemy,
    But conquer them we must.
    For surely there is someone
    Whether "Shining Knight" or "Bride."
    Then all shall have been worth it,
    Our "Last Hope" justified.

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    At 70, I gave up reading poetry and attempting to write it. At 77, I was diagnosed with cancer and do not really know how long I have left. Instinctively, I turned back to poetry to ease the...

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  20. 60. Recipe For A Life Well-Lived

    With these ingredients, you can't go wrong for a happy life...

    Start off with faith and trust in God.
    Then add courage; you'll need a lot.
    Take a few dreams and lots of inspiration;
    Mix them with passion and dedication.

    Flavor with a spoonful of optimism,
    As well as with sufficient vision.
    Throw in some rewarding work,
    With satisfaction as a perk.

    A pint of perseverance is necessary,
    While the amount of patience may vary.
    Don't forget an ounce of thankfulness,
    And a full cup of love and tenderness.

    Add a few quality friends to the mix,
    And a pinch of adventure, just for kicks.
    Also, you need three cups of good thoughts,
    Zested with a million smiles or thereabouts.

    Joy and laughter are indispensable,
    And a tad of hope, to be sensible.
    Throw in heaps of understanding,
    Because folks can be demanding.

    Season with lots and lots of time,
    And some deep questions to ponder.
    Then pour over a sense of awe,
    And lastly add some childlike wonder.

    Top off with family and readiness to forgive;
    This is the recipe for a life well-lived!

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