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  1. 21. This Is My Life (On Heroin)

    • By Reanna Delavega
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010

    This is a poem I wrote on February 1st, 2009 about withdrawing from Prescription medication and Heroin after using for weeks on end. Everything in this Poem is true, I feel I may have even left the worst parts out. If this poem can maybe keep one person from trying heroin for the first
    time...well, that's a miracle.

    Again and again, going through withdrawals
    My eyes flutter, my skin crawls

    Like many times before, I nod off again
    In seconds I come to, unsure of where I am

    I don't know, if I can take anymore
    I'm sick yet again, and laying on the floor

    The acid from my stomach, comes up my throat
    This is my life...Lost without hope

    All I can feel, is my bones violently shake
    One little hit, is all it would take

    It's hard to believe, i've gotten so weak
    That I allow the tears, that roll down my cheek

    My blood is cold, my veins are hot
    My legs twitch, my arms flop

    I try to get up, the pain only grows
    The heater on full blast, the fan always blows

    I won't wanna eat
    I know I can't sleep

    Never thought, i'd be this close to dying
    All I can do, is lay here crying

    I lay in my tub, soaking in the heat
    My body feeling, brutally beat

    I attempt to stand, the room goes black
    I lay back down, my soul is trapped

    All of this, may seem unreal
    Yet many days, this is how I feel

    My eyes wonder, I can't see straight
    My mind goes back, to that place I hate

    I feel the poison, leaking through my pores
    I pick at my skin, leaving nothing but sores

    I stay a little longer, laying in this dirty floor
    Praying...Not to feel, these pains anymore

    This is my life....

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    This feeling I used to look forward to because I thought my life was much worse then the pain that high gave me. Through out all this pain I was just looking for to be numb but it would...

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  2. 22. Drugs Are My Best Friend

    • By Sasha
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    i wrote this when i was twisted up in a world i had no control over. but now im back in control and just taking it day by day, one step at a time. i'll live with my addiction until the end but i know i have the willpower to walk away.

    Another lonely day
    For me to get through
    I need to find my way
    But that's hard to do.
    Sobriety hurt so bad
    I wish to forget
    But I gave it all I had
    I knew I couldn't handle it.
    I need to find a high
    And ride it 'til the end
    Without it I can't get by
    Drugs are like my best friend.
    It picks me up when I'm low
    And at times gives me hope
    It helps the real me to show
    And even helps me cope.
    It never lets me down
    And it never tells a lie
    It takes away my frown
    And it helps me to get by.
    Drugs are like my best friend
    When I'm left all alone
    On them I'll always depend
    Because I'm scared of the unknown.
    Its been a hell of a ride
    But now it must end
    I know deep down inside
    Drugs aren't my best friend.

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  3. 23. Addiction

    • By Jennie Nolan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    My feelings in the form of words and poetry during a dark period of relapse.

    Poem About Addiction And Relapse

    Trapped in a repetitive cycle of wants and needs
    Slowly unraveling inside of me.
    There are many things,
    An entrapment of feelings.
    Letting go does not seem to be an option.
    Therefore, I sit painfully
    Letting it all consume me.
    All of this negative energy
    Swirling around and around
    Inside then out.
    Self-sabotage I commit without a doubt.
    The strength is overwhelming,
    Devastatingly daunting.
    I feel I can no longer resist,
    Resist the temptation, resist the urge.
    Self-preservation does not seem to be a concern
    My brilliance, my beauty, and heart
    Are left behind
    In the beginning,
    At the start.
    What is left is nothing,
    An empty vessel that once used to be.
    Termination turned to temptation
    Lost in illusion,
    In disarray.
    Scattered thoughts become astray.
    Numbness from head to toe.
    A blank slate,
    A black hole,
    Till the next day.

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  4. 24. Shut My Eyes

    • By Leon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2013

    A poem, about the shame I have whenever I succumb to my addiction, and about the determination I have to beat it once and for all.

    Poem About The Shame Of Addiction

    When I close my eyes
    Shut out the pain outside
    My soul turns inwards
    And I feel the shame inside
    I'm trying to be perfect
    Trying to be right
    But I know that deep down
    For my soul I will have to fight

    These demons are coming for me
    I am not ready
    I'll have to be strong
    Be determined, be steady
    In a battle I can't win
    When the enemy is myself
    My demons of sin
    I know I'll need help

    But who do I turn to?
    Who can I trust?
    Bound by chains of shame
    Which cannot rust
    I have tried everything
    Nothing has worked
    Do I give up?
    Let go of the stress, the hurt?

    Do I lose myself to sin?
    Lose hope
    Let the darkness win?
    Or do I rise and fight
    Struggle and battle
    For what I know is right
    Either way is bad
    But I know the path I'll take
    A better world
    For myself I'll make

    I'll try my best
    I'll win this war
    I'll pass the test
    This is the final straw
    Although my life has just begun
    It is dark and cold
    But there will be a rising sun
    Shine rays of hope
    Onto my cold world
    To be reborn
    Allow my wings to unfurl
    And soar above the pain
    Nothing to lose
    Everything to gain.

    I have made my choice
    There is no going back

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    Call someone. Someone who is clean and you can trust. Take it only one hour or even one minute at a time. It is a lie that you love heroine. What you love is not feeling the pain of life. But...

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  5. 25. The Needle

    • By Trey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

    I'm a teenager just trying to cope with the death of my little brother, addiction took over my life, my poems aren't the best but they are my true thoughts and feelings.

    Poem On Trying To Stop Drug Addiction

    why do I think putting this needle in my vein
    is going to take away the pain
    is avoiding my issues just going to make them go away
    or are they still going to be there when my high is gone the next day
    this upper is my downer but I'm already down
    can I get any lower
    I'm lower than the ground
    why is getting back on my feet so hard
    the pain to my body is nothing for I am emotionally scarred
    why does it feel like when I'm sober I'm high
    but when I'm high I feel sober
    why can't this affliction just stop and be over
    I ruined my teenage life to this point
    I lied when I said nothing more was to come of that joint
    weed was gateway drug for me
    then came sherm, ex,and pcp
    but the needle felt so right.
    so did wrapping the belt around my arm so tight,
    my high came fast and with out any pain,
    but my once sunny days are nothing but rain,
    but that's my fault and I messed up bad.
    rehab couldn't stop me,
    I wanted to get high,
    but I do what every addict does,
    I cheat steal and lie,
    so now I'm out and free,
    but this euphoric rush I crave has taken yet another member of my family,
    now I sit around thinking to my self " DAMN"
    I'm On the outs and I'm still feeling bad,
    but my life is now in my hands so I should be glad...

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    I am a proud granny of 3 precious grand daughters that belong to my middle daughter named Rebecca and of 2 grandsons whose mother is my oldest daughter. I also have a daughter named Sarah, my...

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  6. 26. The Life Of Addiction

    • By Holly A. Sutton
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2016

    This was my life battling an addiction to alcohol/meth and pills. I have now been sober for a little over 4 years, and as I read back on my poems, I realize just how precious my life is today and how thankful I am that God delivered me out of my own hell.

    Consumed By Addiction

    So many emotions, it's out of control.
    What have I done? Have I sold my soul?

    The price is steep, and there's nothing to gain.
    But still I continue and expect to stay sane!

    It gets you nowhere; it leaves nothing but shame!
    What's it gonna take to give up this game?

    I'm going through life at a very fast pace.
    Missing out on so much and rarely showing my face.

    I go and I go, leaving so much behind,
    Looking for something that I'll never find!

    I'm wasting my life, watching the years go by
    All in the name of just getting high!

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  7. 27. The Queen of Pain

    I wrote this poem after a good friend of mine died from an overdose of Heroin. "Just Say No" is a lot harder than people without the disease of addiction think. Unfortunately for we addicts when we don't say "no" we are essentially saying "yes" to many hardships and potentially death.

    The Queen Of Pain

    The Queen of Pain,
    Her Royal "Highness".
    An Evil Dictator,
    Who doesn't care less.
    If a faithful servant,
    Who worships her throne.
    Dies like a pauper,
    In the cold all alone.

    The Queen of Pain,
    Makes bowing enticing.
    And honoring her,
    Seem so inviting.
    Each faithful servant,
    Is lead by the "arm".
    And "stuck" in a Kingdom,
    Of make believe charm.

    The Queen of pain,
    The Almighty Fraud.
    A flirtatious wink,
    Followed up by a "nod".
    A "pointed" smile,
    A shortness of breath.
    A devious laugh,
    As you're laying near death.

    The Queen of Pain,
    A villain and knave.
    A Master of Lies,
    Who loves to enslave.
    But each faithful servant,
    Can put an end to her reign.
    By refusing to bow,
    To The Queen of Pain.

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    I'm an addict. I have been on pills since I was 13. Today I'm 26, and I'm addicted to HEROIN! I've done every drug known to man. But I never faced addiction until I met heroin. It's more than...

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  8. 28. Hey Boy ... Hey Girl

    • By Rose Bennett
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010

    I was inspired to write this poem after witnessing so many people, including family members and close friends, fall victim to crack-cocaine. By God's Grace, I've never experienced any drug or alcohol abuse but I've seen the many lives that have been destroyed and families that have been broken. Zeb, if your reading this, day at a time....

    Poem About Crack Abuse

    Hey Boy...Hey Girl
    Let me introduce myself to you
    Most people call me "Crack" but I'm Jum to you
    If I don't get you that first time second or third
    I'll certainly get you that fourth time, mark my work

    Hey boy, come on and feel my blast
    Hey girl, watch out, I may be your last
    Some say I only last a minute or two
    And you know what, that's probably true

    I'll make you feel good, 'cause I'm so bad
    I'll make you give up everything you ever had
    Your whole pay check will come to me
    And I'll give you a blast for a day or three

    When that blast's all over and gone, you see
    You'll bring your watch and stereo to me
    Next you'll bring your TV and then your VCR
    And soon enough, I'll have your car

    Hey boy, hey girl why don't you wake up
    'For I'm not even worth your every buck
    I tried to make you feel like I'm our friend
    But look what I do to you in the end

    I'll strip you of everything including your pride
    I'll make you feel as if you just died
    Let me tell you something that's very very true
    You don't do me, I do you

    If you still doubt which way to go
    When you see me just say no
    Hey boy, hey girl don't come my way
    'Cause I'm not a toy and I don't play

    RoseAnn (Diggs) Bennett
    September, 1987 © 1988

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    I like this a lot because it tells you what this drug can do and then its tries to convince you to not do the drug. And that's all you really need in this kind of poem one where it explains...

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  9. 29. This Last Dance

    • By Lanae
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2009

    I wrote this poem when I was addicted to cocaine. This has been several months ago, and I've stayed clean.

    Cocaine Is My Sweetest Friend

    My sweetest friend has gone away
    The price of love, I cannot pay
    In times of need, my darkest hour
    Twas YOU my friend, to whom I'd cower
    You took me up, and made me see
    The other side of reality
    You've shown me worlds where time stands still
    and revealed the gap that only you can fill
    where love is none, and friends are few
    It's there you've shown what you really do
    You've blinded my eyes to all the pain
    but my heart you've killed, and my soul you've drained
    You've stolen my life and you've taken my friends
    And I feel like it's time for this journey to end
    But no matter the pain you've caused me to feel
    The money you've stolen or the people you've killed
    I'll always remember the good times we shared
    The places you took me and the way that you cared
    So we'll take this last dance, and then we'll dance no more
    I'll miss you my friend, forevermore.

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    I never had trouble quitting cocaine and I had a $300 a day habit. My father had left me a substantial amount of money when he died and it was like the devil was waiting for that to happen. I...

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  10. 30. A Boozers Advice

    This is about my life from my late twenties to 10 months ago

    If you booze you lose, or so they say
    I didn't believe that back in the day
    When I was young it seemed so funny
    Clubbing together, so we had enough money
    Just weekends it started at first
    Then in the week to quench my thirst
    But as I got older the liquor got stronger
    Hangovers began to last much longer
    In the end they would last three days
    And my memories were a blurry haze
    Then one day I hit rock bottom
    With self-esteem long forgotten
    All that mattered was my next drink
    It took to long to make the link
    Till finally unable to function
    And coming to a life threatening junction
    Choose to drink my life away
    Or stop and live the proper way
    Getting dry was hard to do
    I wouldn't wish that shit on you
    With sweats and jolts and a terrible shake
    How long would my recovery take
    Slowly, slowly, less and less
    Now my life is not a mess
    It was something I had to do
    And now can write this verse for you
    It can happen to anyone
    I started off just having fun
    So be weary of this evil trap
    Or you life could end up feeling crap
    But for now it's over anyway
    And I live to fight another day
    Not every one's hit by the demon in drink
    But when your young you just don't think
    I'm not telling you what to do
    This is just my advice to you
    Looking through an addicts eyes
    Those drunken days have made me wise
    Not everyone has to lose, it's up to you to safely booze.

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  11. 31. Lost Time

    • By Tim Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011

    This poem is about how my life drastically changed from drug use in just 5 months. Everyone has a chance to change their life for the better. Making people proud of your recovery is the best high there is.

    Drug Addiction Starts With Pot

    The power of addiction is a horrible disease.
    You make think it relieves pressure,
    Or bring pain to ease.

    You will soon come to realize,
    That you are so very wrong;
    Whether it's after twelve lines,
    Or eight hits from a bong.

    It always starts with pot,
    No matter how sure you are.
    That's how it started for me,
    And at twenty I was behind bars.

    At times you may think,
    That you can have a few drinks;
    But a few turns into many,
    And soon you'll be kissing the sink.

    You lose some of your relatives,
    And even more of your friends.
    Before you see it coming,
    This disease will bring your life to an end.

    So after writing this poem,
    I'm asking you now:
    Do you still want to use,
    Or make people proud?

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  12. 32. Stopping Addiction

    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    Stopping addiction

    I have nothing to say
    to you anymore.
    I'm taking my life back
    and shutting the door.
    You've taken from me
    God's image of me.
    I'm letting you go
    and I want to be free.
    I won't go on hating
    from inside my heart.
    It's time to step up
    and make a new start.
    I want to stop hurting.
    It seems so unfair.
    But I have to find me.
    I'm in here somewhere.
    I can't do it with YOU.
    You're no good in my life.
    Without YOU I can become
    a truly mindful mother and wife.

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    Well spoken and you WILL succeed! It is hard, you might struggle a lot at first. Sobriety is more then getting clean it is relearning to live and stepping into the roles of mother and wife...

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  13. 33. My Darling Heroin

    • By Emma
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    I was a heroin addict for three and half years! I put my family through hell, lost my friends. I lost the trust of every one that I loved and cared for!
    One day I went to jail for the crimes I committed whilst supporting my habit. This is one poem I wrote whist there!

    The first day I tried you,
    You became my new best friend, my lover and my soul mate!
    You took my hand, faded my pain, there was a smile for once.
    It felt good to be around you,
    That numbness you gave me was all that I wanted!
    So I let you in, let you stick around,
    Coz without you the joys I felt in life just disappeared.
    Was that you, maybe it was me,
    No I needed you,
    Thank God you were there,
    My darling Heroin!

    You made me feel strong again,
    So I thought that I would cope without you,
    But you wouldn't let me leave.
    You started to make me cry, caused me pain that I never felt before.
    I pushed you away, but you just kept pulling me back in.
    You weren't my friend, lover or soul mate,
    You're the ENEMY!
    I realized it to late.
    You held me in, pulling me harder and harder;
    I couldn't walk out on you no more,
    You were making me weaker,
    This made you stronger,
    I was craving you more and more,
    I couldn't understand it? I thought you were helping me!
    My darling Gear

    I lost my way but, but I just can't blame you it was me to!
    I tried to leave you,
    But you pulled me back in harder and faster, body and soul!
    I chose this destructive path, I was lonely and down.
    I agree you did take that all away,
    But look at the consequences!
    I lost everything that I ever had,
    I lost my dignity; I was starting to hurt myself!
    I hurt my family and the ones who loved and cared the most!
    But yet again I got down, instead of asking for help,
    I caved in even more,
    And you pulled me in harder than ever before.
    I embraced you,
    What a fool I was
    My soul binding smack

    Now I have made a choice,
    At last to walk away!
    Its time for you to leave my addictive body, veins and mind.
    Why do you keep fighting me?
    Trying to force your way back to me,
    But its time to make eminence with myself,
    Its time to take control!
    I got my fight back; you got to leave now,
    Time to say goodbye!!
    So, so long, farewell my loving heroin,
    You've done your worse,
    You degrading smack
    You locked me in a cage and took the key,
    But this time I am fighting back
    Now I have the key!
    I'm walking away, locking you in that cage,
    The cage of addiction, destruction and pain.
    Goodbye my darling Heroin

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  14. 34. Thinking Of You...(Heroin)

    • By Jennifer Terry
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    My name is Jennifer and I have been an addict for four years now. I started out as a morphine addict and when that got too expensive I switched to Heroin. Everyone in my life is an addict including all of my family, so it's very hard for me to stay clean. But when it comes down to it, it's just not worth it. I have lost absolutely everything, including my daughter, and I would rather be clean and sober, than go on living the way I do, but that voice is always going to be there the rest of my life.

    Withdrawal Poem

    Thinking of you, I become obsessed.
    Because of you my life is in ruins, my life a big mess.
    Most days I can't even get out of bed to get dressed.
    Those crazy thoughts lingering, in my brain.
    As I start thinking of ways, to take away my pain.
    I really don't know, what I can do.
    I cannot get through, one day without you.
    I once had dreams, that I failed to chase.
    So now to my family, I'm a big disgrace.
    I know I was younger, when I had those dreams.
    But life is a lot harder for me, than it seems.
    Then I had no idea, of how it would be.
    But now I'm in ruins, for everyone to see.
    Your determined to stay, and ruin my life.
    And I let you control me, I'm not strong enough to fight.
    Sometimes I'm high, but usually I'm low.
    Please have mercy, and let this addiction go.
    I tried to stop, but it's too late.
    I lost all control, over the decisions I make.
    Your voice in my head, controlling my brain.
    Slowly driving me, completely insane.
    Sitting here thinking of ways, to let you go.
    I realize your here for life, I know.
    But there is one thing, and I know this is true.
    I cannot go on living my life, without you...

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    I couldn't have asked for any more or less in relation to my addictions. I am grateful for what I've learned about myself and others. I have lied to and stolen from anyone that got close. I...

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  15. 35. I Bleed

    • By Stephanie vonWille
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007

    Feelings of desperation from an addict

    Desperate Feelings Of Addict

    Behind these eyes;
    My entire soul cries;
    Pieces of my heart;
    Unfold under hurt;
    All I have left to hold;
    Is myself, behold;
    Empty and broke;
    Listen, my words are spoke;
    Screaming from within;
    I want out of my skin;
    Feelings of abandon;
    Bearing the scars of years I branded;
    Into my veins;
    Evil spirits remain;
    Fighting for freedom;
    I hold on longer than most;
    Tired and sick I feel within;
    Needles and poison heal the webs I spin;
    Surrender I must;
    I come to the trust;
    Take away my pain I plead;
    I'm just like you, We are the same;
    I've cut my ties and here I bleed.

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  16. 36. I Love You Daddy

    I wrote this poem in memory of those children lost due to drunk driving.

    You were born today
    A gift from God
    The blessing we waited for
    Your small fingers, your tiny toes

    You turned one today
    You say my name, Daddy
    I feel my heart melt
    The cute smile on your face
    You teeter totter when you walk

    You turned two today
    We "talk" about your favorite show
    You cry when I had to leave for work
    I promised to be home soon
    A little kiss on my cheek, "I love you, Daddy."

    You turned three today
    You are so precious to me
    We went out to celebrate
    We were hit on the highway
    The officer said something about his state
    The man had been drinking, a little too much
    I hold you lifeless body
    A peck on your cheek, remembering, "I love you, Daddy."

    You would have been four today
    A tear trickles down my cheek
    I remember your little voice
    "Daddy, Let's play."
    I kneel down, placing four roses on your grave
    It hurts to remember your hugs and kisses
    And the memory, "I love you, Daddy."

    You would have been five today
    I try not to think about it
    But the emptiness won't stop
    I wonder what you would have said today
    Probably the sweetness of "I love you, Daddy."

    The years pass by
    But you are still on my mind
    Still in my heart
    I miss you so very much

    You would have been ten today
    I can imagine you on your new bike
    I try to hear you laugh at my jokes
    All I can think of is you
    I wish I could hear "I love you, Daddy."

    The years pass by
    But you are still on my mind
    Still in my heart
    I miss you so very much

    You would have been thirteen today
    I see you in my mind, beautiful
    Slumber parties, field trips, and friends
    All the things that could have been
    And, in my mind I hear "I love you, Daddy."

    The years pass by
    But you are still on my mind
    Still in my heart
    I miss you so very much

    You would have been sixteen today
    Sweet sixteen, dresses and curls, boyfriends
    A dance together that will never happen
    I pretend to see you twirl around
    All you say is "I love you, Daddy."

    The years pass by
    But you are still on my mind
    Still in my heart
    I miss you so very much

    You would have been eighteen today
    Moving out, on your own
    Living life to the fullest
    A brand new life awaiting your charm
    And as you leave, you say
    "I love you, Daddy."

    The years pass by
    But you are still on my mind
    Still in my heart
    I miss you so very much

    You would have been twenty-one today
    You run to me and say, "I'm engaged."
    Excited, I hug you and kiss your cheek
    It would have been my turn to walk you down the aisle
    As I give you away, you stop and say,
    "I love you, Daddy."

    I wish all these things could have been
    If only you were still here
    My life would mean so much more
    Only if I could really hear you say,
    "I love you, Daddy."

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem really touched me! I have 3 beautiful kids of my own and I couldn't imagine losing them. It's a cold hard reality with the world were living in. So sad

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  17. 37. A Life Well Learned

    • By Herabera
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007

    This poem was written after I had been clean for almost 4 months. I truly feel that the strength I knew I had in myself made me become strong enough to get through my struggle with addiction

    Poem About Dealing With Addiction

    A naive girl led down the wrong path
    A promising future pulled from her grasp.
    So innocent and true for him
    her heart grew.
    Blinded by a drowning soul
    A helping hand pulled in the same hole.
    Tricked into a life where she never belonged,
    2 years grasping for breath and barely holding on.
    A spirit now free from their life full of pain,
    She thanks God every day, "that it hadn't been me".
    A miracle unexplained for the strength that saved a life,
    From a torturing cycle that led the real her out of sight.
    A wise and experienced soul confident in herself
    Beginning to believe that there is something else,
    Happiness worth living for, full of limits with no end.
    Life is what you make it, the only chance you get
    To live your life to the fullest, every day faced with taking risks
    Will is the power given by God to make your own choice
    In which road you choose to take

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  18. 38. Time To Face Facts

    • By Hope
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    Been writing for a few years and this was written for a close friend I care about

    Meth Leads To Death

    You left loving friends
    Out in the cold
    All because addiction
    Had taken hold

    Friends that still care
    You left behind
    Still they tried to help
    But you declined

    Saying you were fine
    While living a lie
    Mets leads to death
    Get help or die

    Friends through it all
    We remain true
    Taking the next step
    Depends on you

    Its time to face facts
    Get back on track
    So we can celebrate
    Having you back

    Hope ©2007

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    I have a 20 year old friend whom is addicted to meth. She has done it since she was 17 and has gotten worse. She lost her 1 year old daughter behind it and still does it. I am a recovering...

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  19. 39. The Dream

    • By Steven
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    This poem was written in my first sixty days getting clean from a horrible drug addiction. It came when I first realized there was hope for me.

    Hope For Staying Clean After Addiction

    The dream of getting out.
    We live in a place where fear walks around like a school yard bully.
    It's in our face every minute of every day.
    There is a nothingness about fear.
    We move about our world, trying to avoid our fear.
    But it's everywhere we go.
    We hide it, disguise it.
    Store it away.

    Darkness creeps in.
    At first, it's oh so beautiful.
    There is no fear.
    A line.
    It's crossed.
    Time passes in shades of gray.
    Everything pure is lost.
    The child cries out for the light.
    Cries so loud, but only to a deaf ear.
    But, what a dream.
    The dream.
    The dream of life beyond the darkness.
    How to attain it?
    An outstretched hand.
    A hug.
    Hope brings with it a smile.
    The smile warms a frozen heart.
    What was once gray explodes into color.
    A stair well appears.
    First one, then two, and slowly to the third step. Must keep going.
    We find solid ground in which to stand.
    We ascend the fourth step.
    And then the fifth disregarding the fear.
    We walk right through .
    We continue the journey one step at a time.
    No need for getting out.
    I'll stay right here.

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    Hi this poem touched me. I have a son that is very lost and is deeply using drugs. He is in so much emotional and physical pain and I feel hopeless because I have tried everything to help...

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  20. 40. Demons Dwell

    • By Frank Simental
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    Soul defeated

    Soul Defeated

    Deep down inside my demons dwell,
    So secretly I've kept them well,
    Where were you the night I fell?

    Hell I fell deep into a hole,
    Misplacing for some time my soul,
    For 12 whole months they had their fun,
    But can't their damage be undone?

    I've laid them down to rest,
    But still they burn within my chest,
    They refuse to leave me in peace,
    God their voices never cease!

    I feel warm in the sun's brilliant light,
    But fall weak by early night,
    I feel safe when I'm awake,
    My soul is mine and not theirs to take,

    But when I recede into my bed,
    They seize control of all that's in my head,
    Rising quickly to their feet,
    I lower my head and admit defeat.

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