God Poems

God Poems

Poems about God Walking With Us

Is there a higher power or a God out there? Why did It create us? What is the meaning of it all? When one is on a spiritual quest, these are some of the questions one encounters. Of course, if such a being were to show itself, that would answer all our questions. But without questions, might that take some of the excitement out of the search? The world is intended to be a place of free choice. The more clearly God is manifest in the world, the less we can choose to ignore his presence. His choice not to show himself is a gift to human beings to be able choose their own destinies.

32 Inspirational Poems about God

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  1. 1. A Strong Comfort

    He gives me strength
    when I have none,
    on days when I'm weary
    and can do nothing but weep.

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  3. 2. He's Only A Breath Away!

    When I feel far from God,
    There's a special thing that I do;
    I take a very deep breath!
    He gave it also to you.

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  5. 3. God Of All Comfort

    Our God supplies us everything we need.
    When we need help, to Him we reach.
    He is always with us when we are lonely.
    He loves us so much and takes anger slowly.

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    Excellent poem. I love it. One of my favorites on Family Friend Poem website.

  6. 4. Chill And Be Still

    Chill and be still, my child, for I am God,
    the Creator of all things, the Master upon high,
    Lord of all Lords, King of all Kings.
    With your faith in me I can change anything.

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  7. 5. God's Side

    I do my very best each day
    Though some days prove worse than others.
    I'm everywhere I'm needed,
    No need more crucial than another.

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  8. 6. My Angel

    I felt the love of an angel today,
    For the first time since I walked away.
    I've felt guilt and shame for so many years,
    But the angel freed me of that through my tears.

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    I am 19 years old now. When I was young, I used to go to church with my mom. She taught me how to pray, love, respect, fear God, be obedient, and read the word of God. One day my mom was sick...

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  9. 7. Every Scar Has A Story

    • By Kristina M. DeCarlo
    • Published: December 2015

    Every scar has a story.
    What will mine tell?
    What will come of this
    when I’m better, when I’m well?

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    In 1995, I had surgery to correct an arterial brain malformation (AVM), for which I was given a prognosis of only a 5% chance of survival, and I'd never walk or talk again. I told the doctor...

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  10. 8. You Never Promised Us A Perfect Life, But Only A Perfect Love

    You never promised us a perfect life, but only a perfect love.
    We seek you in prayer and look for you as you are,
    Our everlasting savior, a bright and shining star.
    Sometimes we are out there lost, seeking your acceptance,

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    It soothes the heart to know someone up there really does care. Reading this gives a reassuring hope and strength to hold on.

  11. 9. Whispers Of The Lord

    • By Shannon Tackett
    • Published: March 2015

    The Lord whispered to me, "I love you so,"
    "Come follow me, my child, high places we will go."
    The Lord knelt beside me at an altar in prayer,
    He wiped my tears and took away my despair.

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    This is a wonderful poem to remind us that God is imparting wisdom into our hearts. Sometimes we are just too busy to listen to Him. We need to know that in this world wherein the different...

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  12. 10. Day By Day

    Day by day, God walks with me,
    and my burdens he helps me bear.
    Each step I take along the way,
    my loving Father is always there.

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  13. 11. My Lord Told Me

    • By Kenny C.
    • Published: March 2015

    My LORD told me that HIS love would not fail,
    as HE showed me a hand that was pierced by a nail.

    HE told me I'm safe, started lifting the veil,

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    Thank you. This is exactly what I needed because I am at a low point in life and feel like, Where is God when I need him? This poem reminds me it's ok to fall, but to always remember God is...

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  14. 12. Searching For God

    When searching for God,
    There's no need to look far.
    He's not in the clouds
    Or some far away star.

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    Dear Yannik,
    I'm so pleased you liked my poem. Thank you for your time and heart-warming comment.

  15. 13. A Gift From God

    Love can't be described.
    It has no shape, it has no form.
    Love is not an object.
    Love does not conform.

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    Love is everything the poem says and so much more. It's constantly putting those you love before yourself and anything else.

    Throughout your life you'll forget many things,
    but never the...

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  16. 14. He Is There

    • By Yasemin Raymondo
    • Published: December 2008

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    God comes to us in quiet and simple ways.
    He is there when the breeze rustles the palm fronds on a quiet, lazy, sunny afternoon.
    When the raindrops softly patter on the thirsty tin roofs of the poor, he is there.

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    I have never seen God in this light. Thank you for showing me how easy it is to find God. I have been searching for Him all my life.

  17. 15. My Protector

    • By Julie Hird
    • Published: November 2010

    You are my protector
    You are my strength
    You are my light in my darkness, and my friend till the very end

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    This poem touched me because I was also saved by Jesus from a life of drugs and it reminded me of everything I'm so grateful for. Life is short and I threw away so many years running away...

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  18. 16. Created

    When God created you,
    He knew what he would see.
    Someone that wasn't perfect,
    Or in heaven you would be.

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    This poem spoke volumes about myself, my feelings, my thoughts, and the love that my God has always poured in my heart in order to be able to love deeply and unconditionally. It also teaches...

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  19. 17. A Sinner's Plea

    Is God still showing me love
    As He looks down from above?
    He silently sheds a tear
    as He longs to be near.

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    It is an honor to know this moved you in such a deep way of understanding. I do nothing but put pen to paper when the spirit stirs me. I lean into the very spirit that only God can lead me....

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  20. 18. This Pain

    This pain that I feel cuts through me like steel.
    It's like an open wound that just won't heal.
    They say that time is the key that turns the lock and sets you free,
    But why, God? Why, is this happening to me?

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  21. 19. You Take Me There

    As I search for your saving grace,
    I know one day I'll see your face.
    Waiting is the hardest thing for me.
    I know with you I will be so free.

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    This poem is so great. I can feel the love and faith of God.

  22. 20. God Is In Control

    • By La'shawna Howard
    • Published: August 2014

    No matter what you have been told
    God is in control
    Yes, they came with a report one day
    But God has the last say

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    The poem reminds me of those times when I could no longer do anything but to believe that everything will be alright. When I reach a dead end, my heart's cry is always "God is in control!"...

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