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Cancer is a terrible disease that doesn't discriminate. You can be 17 waiting to graduate, a father of four kids, or a grandparent when cancer strikes. It can affect anyone. Anyone who has lost someone to cancer, or watched them win the battle, knows that it is a vicious disease with the power to make people question their reasons for living. Because of that, sufferers deserve to have their friends and family close at hand, at all times. Don't let a serious disease like cancer create distance between you and your friend and don't underestimate how much your support can help them.

Inspirational Cancer Poems


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  1. Daddy, Don't Be Scared

    • By Jade E. Mcnullen
    • Published: February 2010

    Awaiting the news, we feared the worst and hoped for the best.
    Life was about to put my family through an unforgettable test
    Mom came in, evidence on her face, that daddy wasn't okay
    "daddy has cancer" mom cried "we won't see him for a couple of days"

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    I am so sorry for all those out there hurting and getting hurt every day because of cancer. I really am. It just saddens me how broken a person becomes when their loved ones leave. Just...

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  3. Cancer

    • By Savannah Bennett
    • Published: June 2012
    Poem To Grandma Passed Away From Leukemia

    Since the day I saw you,
    since the day we met,
    I knew this I wouldn't forget.
    I have loved you more than life itself,

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    Heartfelt. It brought back memories of the time I saw my father dead in his armchair watching TV, with a trickling tear on his cheek.

  4. She's A Survivor

    • By Harshita Khera
    • Published: June 2018

    She opens her eyes to a new day
    A new beginning for some
    But for her it's the same fight
    The same battle in her mind

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  6. A Life Lost

    • By Ko0lstorybro
    • Published: September 2017
    Losing A Friend To Cancer

    Cancer is horrid,
    Cancer is a thief.
    It stole my friend
    And left me with grief.

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    I know how the person who wrote this poem feels. I lost my best friend, Justin Valley, to lung cancer back in October of 2018. He had a really good fight; he fought for five years. I miss him...

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  7. Mothers Plea

    • By Kelsy Marks
    • Published: November 2008

    The saddest for a mother to watch
    is her daughter
    watching the snow fall
    through a cold window pane

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  8. You, I Will Not Forget

    We haven't seen each other in a while
    But when I think of our memories I still smile

    You told me you had cancer like it was nothing at all...

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    I understand how you feel, but please, my dear, lean on God and trust in God.

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  10. Cancer

    • By Jessica Louise Wheeler
    • Published: December 2013
    Inspirational Poem For Fighting Cancer

    One day you showed up,
    With no reason why,
    You claimed your victims,
    You've made grown men cry....

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    Cancer is a life changer and heart breaker. It takes someone close to you and kills them. It has made grown men cry because they are sad that their loved one has died. We all try to fight...

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  11. My Angel

    • By Jessica Cunningham
    • Published: December 2015
    Poem About Dad Becoming An Angel To Watch Over Daughter

    A girl stands
    On the edge of the light
    Trying to find a way
    To make everything alright

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    You do feel numb after a death, especially the death of someone close to you. It can be the start of a steady and depressing fall. You have to learn to be strong. I've had to learn to be...

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  12. The Day I Found Out

    Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    The look in my moms eyes as I sat on the floor.
    I squeezed my mom's hand because I has no idea what was in store.
    My mom looked at me and said "Listen baby, I've got something to say. Just hold my hand tight everything will be okay."
    She said "Now what I'm about to say isn't as bad as it sounds but this lump infection is more then profound."...

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    Hey girl:D My dad has non-Hodgkin's, I know it's scary but you can get through it! It's actually not one of the most deadly (Depending on the level) A level 1 is the least aggressive next to...

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  13. Cancer, How

    • By Sadie Troutman
    • Published: May 2011

    Why, how, what?
    Are the things I asked?
    As my tears,
    Fell against the cold, clear glass....

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    This is a wonderful poem. I too am diagnosed with cervical cancer at the young age of twenty-one. I am now twenty-two and waiting for surgery. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.

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