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Cancer is a terrible disease that doesn't discriminate. You can be 17 waiting to graduate, a father of four kids, or a grandparent when cancer strikes. It can affect anyone. Anyone who has lost someone to cancer, or watched them win the battle, knows that it is a vicious disease with the power to make people question their reasons for living. Because of that, sufferers deserve to have their friends and family close at hand, at all times. Don't let a serious disease like cancer create distance between you and your friend and don't underestimate how much your support can help them.

Inspirational Cancer Poems


Daddy, Don't Be Scared

Awaiting the news, we feared the worst and hoped for the best.
Life was about to put my family through an unforgettable test
Mom came in, evidence on her face, that daddy wasn't okay
"daddy has cancer" mom cried "we won't see him for a couple of days"

I didn't sleep that night, that night was one of the worst
I have never been to a funeral before, and I feared daddy's would be my first
I cried myself to sleep, and little did I get
I wasn't ready too lose my only father yet

After the surgery, I visited Daddy, and I don't mean to be rude
But seeing him like this scared me, he looked like a skeleton decorated in tubes
It was exceptionally difficult not to cry, but I tried oh so hard
I walked over, hugged Daddy tight, and handed him my home-made card

It said: Daddy I hope you get well soon, I know you'll be okay
It's okay to be scared, we'll visit you everyday.
And when you get home, things will change, we won't ever fight, it's true.
Daddy never give up, keep on fighting...
I never want to lose you.

As his eyes scanned across the page, tears welled up in his eyes.
That was the first day I've ever seen my Daddy cry.
We hugged for forever, cried together, and quickly did time pass.
I never wanted to stop saying "I love you" for fear it would be the last.



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This was so touching. I went through the same thing 5 years ago. I don't know if your dad survived. I hope he did. My dad didn't, so I hope there are people who survive cancer. It effects so...

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