Loss of a Friend Poem

Dedicated to my best friend who was in a terrible accident almost a year ago at the age of 23 which unknown to us at the time would eventually kill him 4 weeks later. I miss him, almost more now than I did at the beginning. He was the best friend I could have ever wished for and hope he's happy now and at rest.

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One Year Anniversary


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011 with permission of the Author.

The way I miss you is different now,
I don't think about forever; I just don't know how.

I miss your face, your laugh, and your smile,
It seems like a lifetime, though it's just been a while.

It's been a year since I heard the news that oh so terrible day.
I never thought I'd lose you; "I'm not going anywhere," I'd heard you say.

But you did, you're gone...there's no getting you back.
At least I have my memories...of which I know for sure there is no lack!

I miss you so much, there's still a void in my heart.
I just wish we could have lived our lives not ever having to be apart.

I've given up wishing you'd come back to fill this hole.
You put it there a year ago when your body left your soul.

I know you're gone; I just wish I'd known.
So that the last time I spoke with you I could have kept you on the phone.

I'd have told you how much I loved you and how forever I'd know your smile.
And how I didn't think I could live without you...not even for a while.

Although you're gone and out of sight, you're definitely not out of mind.
You've flown away and not through choice you left us all behind.

I hope you know we still think of you and how much you meant to us.
And how you made me feel the way that now you're gone...no one else does.

It's been a year and it's safe to say, I still think about you every day.
I might not hope or even pray; I just love and miss you in my own special way ...

My best friend forever you will always stay.


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