Funny Life Poem

Funny Poem About Memory Loss

I was originally looking for a poem to put to music. Then I saw the copyright stuff, and I got in the mood to write a poem. I got into the zone and based it on an experience I have less than often.

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A Look On Lights


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the author.

Sometimes it's hard to remember
to turn off the lights in a room
when you're done using them.
Don't get me wrong.
I enjoy long walks on the beach,
acoustic guitar, and Super Bowl.
Especially the commercials.
The goat eating Doritos
was hilarious this year.
I digress.

I have been getting better at
turning the lights off when I'm done
as I've gotten older.
This has helped to save money
which is all good.
What about turning them back on?
That's what gets me.

There are reasons for leaving
lights off.
Natural light is much prettier.
I leave the blinds open
so I can see what's outside.
The landscape is pretty.
And I risk letting neighbors
who I don't know see me naked.

Some days I'm looking in my closet
deciding which tie I'm going to wear
so I can look presentable.
I forgot to turn the lights on.
Meanwhile, it's 7:25 in the morning,
and we haven't sprung forward yet.
As I'm assessing my possibilities,
I wonder why it's so hard to pick a tie,
dress shirt, belt, and suit pants.

Life goes on. My brain doesn't.


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