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Abuse By Boyfriend Poem

This was written about a guy that I like at school who abuses me. Everything in this poem is real.

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My ex did the same to me! I feel like I will never be happy anymore.

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A Mending To A Broken Heart


Published: March 2008

I Talk to him
He talks to me.
My heart, it swells
And Begs to be Free.
Does he know what's become of me?
He hits and shoves
Punches galore
I know damn well, that it could hurt more.
I try not to cry and not show the pain
But deep down I know he's winning this 'game'.
To me he's perfect but oh so very vain.
I will never, ever over come this pain.
I'm nothing but a punching bag, to quench his anger's thirst
I grab my arm, and limp off to the nurse.
She asks what's wrong
I lie and say I fell.
Why do I constantly go through with this hell?
These tears are for him, and that I hope he knows.
These emotions, this pain... why must it show?
If I hide it away, I'd be lying to myself.
He's abusive and cruel
And my friends begin to worry
They're afraid that he'll cause the death of me.
It brings me to tears, because I know that they're right.
They say "Step Up!" They tell me to fight!
I tell them the truth "I can't"
It would tear me apart.
So I Walk off to my room, and try to mend my broken heart

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  • Taylor Johnson by Taylor Johnson, Florida
  • 3 years ago

My first love turned to my worse love. Someone I was madly in love with hurt me like no other human being could. I became afraid for my life when I was with him. So scared I would say the wrong thing to make him mad. I tip toed around him. Every second of everyday it was all about him and how to please him. He made sure I knew no one else would love me like he does. I'm worthless. All I have going for me is my looks. First it was the verbal abuse, then came the physical abuse. I was shocked he put his hands on me. How could someone you love hurt you so much? I was confused, sad and lost. He told me it would never happen again. I believed him and I stayed. But he lied. It happened again, and it just got worse and worse. I felt like a rag doll, a zombie. I had no emotions. I was numb to the pain. I guess I was so used to being treated like shit I didn't realize my worth. I'm mentally fucked up from it all. I still have a hard time and wonder if I will ever be lovable.

  • Sabrina Nassif by Sabrina Nassif
  • 1 year ago

My ex did the same to me! I feel like I will never be happy anymore.

  • Dasia Mckenith by Dasia Mckenith
  • 9 years ago

I was abused by my first love. Some never expect that it could happen to you until one day it does. And you are stuck wondering what should I do? Should I go to the police, but you can't, because you love him and you are pregnant by him. He was someone that you gave your heart and soul to and never once expected any abuse from. Never take less from a man no matter who they are, no matter how much you love them, never let them take advantage of you. Stay strong and never let a man control you, make you feel less, make you feel like you are not worth shit. There's someone out there who will love you despite of what's wrong with you. Don't allow no one to put you down, stay strong. To all young ladies and women keep your head held high, and remember who you are, because you are somebody and will always be to the ones who truely love you..

  • Nellie by Nellie
  • 10 years ago

Hey. I'm a victim of an abusive relationship. It hurts but it helps to know that everyone knows how I feel.

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