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Be A Friend And Change Someone's World

Nobody knows what I go through. I just can't put it in words. Be a friend and help somebody today. When you see a kid sitting alone, go and sit by them. It really does make a difference! Probably nobody will ever see this side of me. But whoever reads this, thank you so much just for reading this. At least I know somebody cared a little.

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All I can say about this poem is "me." Thank you for sharing your story. Felt every word of it. I believe in doing the exact thing. Go help someone that's tormenting themselves. People who...

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Change Is All


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011 with permission of the Author.

No one will ever know how I feel,
For I cannot even explain it all.
Nobody to love,
Nobody to blame,
Everyone always the same.
Nothing to care about,
No reason to lie,
For I am me, myself, and I.
No one sees what I see,
Nobody left to care for me.
It's kind of sad knowing what's true,
'Cause then you know who's there for you.
Most of them just put on that act.
A lot of them talk bad about me behind my back.
Thanks for making me feel this way,
There's nothing more I should have to say.
All the times I was alone
Makes me feel weird when someone's home.
No family for support, no friends to care.
People wonder why I don't go anywhere.
Every night crying myself to sleep,
Sometimes I wish someone loved me.
No hope, no love, no life, no friends.
The pain never ends.
Sometimes I ask what did I do to deserve this.
But nobody answers.
A voice in my head tells me to forget the bad and remember good.
But then I answer to myself saying there is no good to remember.
I always yell at myself asking why me? Why?
Sitting in a empty spare room.
No one to talk to about how I feel.
No one to ask me what I feel.
Is anyone out there in this harsh world we live in?
Sometimes I begin to wonder.
Sometimes I'm harsh on myself.
Morn comes and I wake up wishing I was never born.
Please help others, because today's lives
Are being taken out of this world just as easy as they are coming in.
You can change someone's life.
Make a change.
It's a tough world.


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  • Monique by Monique
  • 5 years ago

All I can say about this poem is "me." Thank you for sharing your story. Felt every word of it. I believe in doing the exact thing. Go help someone that's tormenting themselves. People who are in agony behind their own perception of themselves. I say/said to myself, "Don't need outsider people breaking me down or speaking negatively about me. I do a splendid job of that all on my own" That's sad and pretty scary. Be a blessing to someone who needs that support and encouragement. It shifts your focus off of your sic -minded self and draws near to the ones who could need simply a friend of empowerment and encouragement. We ALL need that. Period.

  • Pere-edu Steven Efanga by Pere-edu Steven Efanga
  • 5 years ago

I am now a changed person. In my past, I always embraced negative thoughts. I’d say negative things concerning my life. Even since I realized I was in darkness, I jumped from that negativity and chose to be positive always. I learned to believe myself and strongly believe that good wishes can turn into reality. It happens. I thank God for positive thoughts. It changes life for the better.

  • Dawna by Dawna, Florida
  • 9 years ago

Olivia, Wow!, I applaud you, for you have a nice way with words they truly have meaning. You always took a few steps down the path of my life. I'm living to this day. I'm trying to be strong and do the thing and get out while I still have self-respect left. I am meeting others all the time that when I know they are in this situation, I make it a point to meet them and get to know them and help them.
It's quite the way it is though, we can sometimes give the greatest advice, and people ask oh why are you a therapist, Yep! I can give it but I cant take it, God Bless You Dawna

  • Brittany by Brittany, Ohio
  • 12 years ago

wow. this poem is amazing. I can relate to this poem. really when I read it, it felt like I myself could have written it! you have great talent. keep writing!:)

  • Helen by Helen, Spain
  • 12 years ago

I so identify with this person. I have been there, I have felt it. I had to crawl my way out of a deep pit. If I did it, so can you! Be strong and of great courage for the Lord your God is with you.... Believe it, it is true! Choose the books you read and the music you listen to with care so they uplift and encourage you. Change your mindset and think on wonderful things .....

  • Debra by Debra, Florida
  • 12 years ago I can relate, year I went through a crushing time of loss...loss of job, loss of home, loss of respect including self respect. I had to sell my furniture including my bed for money to survive..but the worst was my family turning their backs on me although I had never asked them for one thing through the years, "friends" left too...I was alone, hurting, with one daily meal coming from Meals On Wheels, and suitcases and a car..and my laptop..and it did not kept on and on and on..I considered suicide but that's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Now, after several months of utter Hell on Earth, I am coming out of it. One of the main things I take out of it is just what the poem says. "Be a friend to someone"..not to the one who has everything going for them but to the one you know is hurting..just do will never know how important it was till you stand before your Maker.

  • 12 years ago

My heart and Soul goes out to this person, I know what they mean. I too have felt the pain but somehow I was able to go on and become a success. No it was not easy, no it was not fast it took a long time but God was there to help me. Maybe someday things will change but you must have faith in God and you shall see. I wish you much hope, peace and love to come your way.

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