Hope Poem

Life's Joys And Sorrows

My poem uses a Shakespearean Sonnet form, which seems to lend itself to some of my life's experiences. The poem was born after periods of deep pain over the years, followed by my marriage where some things were resolved, but new troubles appeared, as, no doubt, in every life. The message is one of hope born of Love, through all life's trials; the wonder and beauty of life and its promise, despite great suffering when hope seems gone for ever, but ever lives and calls us to the end, and beyond.

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© more by David J. Herring

Published by Family Friend Poems February 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

If you could see beyond your weeping tears,
To where the sunshine sparkles once again,
Then would those drops of pain be free from fears,
And you'd recall that gardens need the rain.
If you could see beyond despair and sorrow,
To where the veil is lifted, mercy flows,
Then would today be blessed by faith's tomorrow,
And thorns be valued for tomorrow's rose.
For tears can give love's rainbow many hues,
But life's sun burns if taken to excess;
Love's kind wisdom often forbids us choose,
Lest we seek sun before the rain can bless;
And were no tears, no rainbow could unfold,
No journey's end treasure, no crock of gold.


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