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Seeking Something

All my life I've felt out of place, not content to be still. Yet I long for a place to call home. Fernweh is a German word that loosely translates to "far sickness", wanderlust. The poem is about just that.

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Published by Family Friend Poems November 17, 2023 with permission of the Author.

That place you seek to fill the void
Beyond all you have thus far known
Sits outside of your soft comforts
And well beyond the safety zone

Down a road which has no markings
And up a trail which has no end
O'er sunset pink horizon
Just up ahead around the bend

High above the alpine tree line
Where the chill air is razor thin
Just off the edge of every map
And in a spot you've never been

'Neath inky skies alight with stars
Swept by a gently blowing breeze
It's down a long grown over trail
Next to a broad and salty sea

It's tucked beneath a blanket deep
Of cold diamond sparkling snow
And if you must ask directions
My friend, you may just never know

Among the turning Aspen trees
And among autumn's harvest grain
It entices like a lover
Dancing slow in a gentle rain

'Round a cozy crackling campfire
And in the long spun tales of yore
It's in every known direction
And it is just outside your door

Up dusty rutted country roads
And across bustling city streets
In the silent frozen tundra
And in the baking desert heat

It's out beyond the break water
Run aground on an unseen shoal
In a sleepy mist filled valley
And up a grassy windswept knoll

That place you have been searching for
It lies across the barren plain
It's somewhere very different
And answers to an unknown name

In dark and mossy forest glen
Abutting sands of brilliant white
The place you have been searching for
It has been hiding in plain sight

On teeming pastel coral reefs
High aloft in overcast skies
Seeking a home you've never seen
You'll only find it if you try

Atop a mound of conquered fears
And off the known and beaten trail
On a ship heading out to sea
You only need to set the sail

That place you have been longing for
Outside protective fortress walls
Be still and you may hear it sing
A tantalizing siren call


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