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Poem About Crushes

I've had a year-long crush on a guy who will never see me as a girl. I've always used adjectives and metaphors in my mind that can describe him, and I'm pretty sure everyone looks at people's eyes for many things.

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Brown Eyes


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the author.

I've always used words to describe him
In my mind.
I guess that's why I've found the words for him
In his eyes.

Brown is the color of
Autumn leaves,
When the color is fading,
The trees are bare,
And it marks the season's greetings.

Brown is the color of
Concrete once the rain hits.
It falls to the pavement and leaves a sparkle
When it passes and absorbs in.

Brown is the color of
Many people and multiple things,
And it can show examples of so much beauty.

Brown is the color of
His eyes,
The color of fading,
And the color of change,
Sometimes the good and sometimes the pain.


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