Confused about Love Poem

This poem is dedicated to everyone that has lost someone they really were in love with. Sometimes people are confused on what to do next, after a break up. If it was meant to happen then it will happen. Sometimes people have to learn to slow down, you can't rush perfection. If you ain't willing to fight for it then it probably wasn't worth keeping.

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Feeling Sad :(


Published: April 2011

Can't help myself from feeling sad,
the feelings I had from you is something I
never had.

  Trying to move on and let all of it go,
realizing time without you goes by slow.

It's hard not to ask the question why,
I still like you, there is no reason for me to lie.

  Knowing that it won't be easy to move on.
time spent without you feels like you're al-
    ready gone.
Wondering if there could ever be another
Me being around you I can't help but

Hard not knowing where we went wrong.
  Trying not to let it get to me, I'm trying to
stand strong.

Knowing something so good got away;
   trying to figure out
if there is something I could say.


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