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Drifting Apart

Just an average guy who gets inspiration from the beautiful life we live. All its ups and downs make the road bumpy at times, but I keep smiling and keep an eye out for all the lessons being taught. Life is full of lessons, and if we don't pay attention, we might just miss the important one. Music is another huge inspiration for me.

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Love And The Light That Shimmers


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016 with permission of the Author.

From the start, there are always ups and downs.
Sadly, smiles are replaced with frowns.
Sometimes life separates two souls that mate
To teach life's lessons that just couldn't wait.
These lessons not learned from what we now know,
But with days that pass we learn and grow.
The passage of time brings new mysteries
With one constant not sure either of us sees.
Once our heart has found the one,
Neither time nor space can keep it undone.
Remember our mysteries transform to adventures
And then to journeys.
We build a life together, even if life has pulled us apart.

The truth is...

It's one thing to love with your mind,
But the solitude is eternal
When your heart loves a soul that doesn't share its space.
Everything else is on hold because nothing can take its place.
The sun may not always shine on us,
But I'll always have hope, even if it's just a glimmer,
Because you, my love, will always shimmer.


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