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Winning Poems For Poetry Contests On Family Friend Poems

5 Winning Poems For Poetry Contests On Family Friend Poems

Family Friend Poems occasionally holds Poetry Contests with various prizes. If there is an ongoing poetry contest you can find information on our Submit Poem page.

This collection contain the winning Poems from our various contests.

  1. My Wish For This Christmas

    Christmas Wishes And Loss Of Loved Ones

    in Christmas Poems

    Christmas is a happy time for friends and family,
    The children are excited as they unwrap presents around the tree.

    Carols are sung and lights twinkle in the night.

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    My Granny has just passed away, but I thought of her more like a mother - we were really close. I have been dreading Christmas because it just makes me miss her more. This poem touched my...

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  2. Cool Summer

    Enjoying The Hottest Weather In The Coolest Way

    in Nature Poems for Kids

    Here it comes,
    Ready or not.
    Summer's coming,
    And it's going to be hot!

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  3. Special Day

    A Birthday Poem For A Dear Friend

    in Birthday Poems for Friends

    Here it is,
    Your special day,
    So I thought I'd take
    This time to say

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  4. The Pink Summer Sphere

    Peaches Haiku

    in Haiku

    The Sweet Sensation Of Peaches Haiku, The Pink Summer Sphere
    The chill, worming in
    Shock, pleasure, bursting within
    Summer tongue awakes

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    • Votes 28
    • Rating 3.79
  5. Everything Is Pink

    Color Of Summer

    in Haiku

    Color Of Summer, Everything Is Pink Haiku Contest

    Sun-kissed berry drinks,
    And forever twilight skies,
    Summer drowns in pinks.

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    • Votes 47
    • Rating 3.62
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