Mother Daughter Poem

For My Mum, Now That I'm A Mum Too.

I wrote this poem for my Mum in recognition of what a wonderful childhood we had. With a deeper understanding of all it takes to achieve that since becoming a Mum myself, I look back with a stronger appreciation than ever before.

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Dear Mum,

Rachel A. Rose ©

Published by Family Friend Poems December 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

You made everything so perfect, a childhood truly blessed,
Our hair combed nice and neatly and our clothes pristinely pressed,
Every meal on the table - breakfast, lunch and tea,
How did you ever do it all while still making time for me?
Birthday's made so special, Christmases the best,
You never had a moment to put up your feet and rest,
The list you had was endless, did a fairy come at night?,
Running all those errands while we were tucked up tight.

Now that I've become a Mother the truth is clear to see,
Working all those hours so perfection could just be,
Wiping up the messes, clearing up the toys,
Trying to keep on top of it all while battling with the noise,
But you did it all so calmly, so much we didn't know,
The stresses that I'm sure you felt you never let it show,
How did you ever do it? I wish I only knew,
Something that I've come to know that fairy, it was you.


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