Spiritual Poem about Nature

Beauty Found At The End Of The Day

It's about watching and seeing God's spectacular views and his work of art at the closing of the day.

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Closing Of The Day

Jac Judy A. Campbell © more by Jac Judy A. Campbell

Published by Family Friend Poems June 17, 2022 with permission of the Author.

When the day becomes an evening
And I've seen the passing sun
I know I've heard the last little chirp
Of songs the birds have sung

I am now seeing the darkness
As it suddenly appears
Now the passing of the sunlight
Quickly disappears

The blue skies are slowly fading
As the glowing hues stand bright
Forming deep bright colors
Against the ebony night

The moon has cast a shadow through
The broken puffy clouds
The stars have started twinkling
With their brightness shining down

As each moment comes the changing
Of the earth's most beautiful maze
That make up God's earthly beauty
With the closing of the day



Jac Judy A. Campbell is a poet by heart and a writer by nature, and she is thrilled to be able to share part of herself that others will enjoy. She reads a lot of good books and loves arts and crafts, sewing, crocheting, cooking, and growing a garden. She is happily married, takes care of her husband, and enjoys her children and...

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