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This poem just mainly reflects my feelings within myself and those around me because being a student is sometimes difficult. Sometimes people fail to acknowledge their faults within themselves which becomes a burden to those around them.

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Sometimes people just aren't able to see the bigger picture. When the people we love so much don't seem to care about us as much as we care about them it hurts more than they know. I...

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Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011 with permission of the Author.

So much anger is wrapped around my heart,
Compressing my blood to stop it from flowing delicately,
Tears drizzle down my bone cheeks as I bite my soft lips to avoid screaming.
My heart is pierce, sharp hater and jealousy,
I loosely open to those I thought I love.
I couldn't feel sorrow and despair,
I lay in the earth soil.
My tears fill a pond beside my tomb, I shut my eyes to seal the hole,
Nothing shelters me, but the tall grass concealing the land.
No one to see or feel the presence of my absence,
I blindly lose sight of where I am, deeply buried within nature's ground.
I hear cheers above my head,
Laughter of play,
Yet, I peacefully don't move or stir.
Is anyone there?
I shall not know,
So I gracefully shut my eyes, my heart feels a heavy burden.
What anguish? 
I did not know such a merry place.


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  • Lily Hanton by Lily Hanton, Ireland
  • 9 years ago

I have stage 4 cancer of my kidney, major operation. My daughter was to come and care for me for a few weeks, I am a widow of 22 yrs. She arrives home with her large dog and husband for 2 days. When she arrived she contacted her friends and went off with them until noon without seeing was I ok. I was very ill and in dreadful pain, so when she arrived back after a few hours with her friend, I was very angry. Words were said by me in anger, which she should have ignored and apologized to me for going out,. Instead she packed her bags and went back to England. During my chemotherapy, she contacted me a few times, not out of concern but just to see how my bloods were. My son has been very good to me she hardly gets in touch. I am very lonely and alone. She told my brothers and sisters that I had thrown her out of her house, and they believed her, so no support from them. She is a matron of a very large High Dependency unit in a big Teaching Hospital. She is a very good nurse but not to her mother. It is breaking my heart, and the stress is certainly not good for me. I would welcome any advise from anybody out there that can mend this rift before it is too late. I have apologized many times, all to no avail. Thank you for reading this long mail.

  • Cloe Robin by Cloe Robin
  • 8 years ago

Sometimes people just aren't able to see the bigger picture. When the people we love so much don't seem to care about us as much as we care about them it hurts more than they know. I couldn't possibly understand the situation fully, but maybe you could see if she was willing to get together and work through the rough stuff. You could also try asking her what her side was on the issue and after listening gently tell her yours. Normally the truth is somewhere in the middle. Just some ideas. No matter what the outcome may be, just know that you are not alone. Even when people fail to care for us there is always a God in the sky who loves us and is always with us. You are in my prayers. I hope that is helpful in some way, hang in there.

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