Poems about Life Struggles

Poems about Life Struggles

Poetry About Overcoming Life's Challenges

Life is full of challenges. Economic difficulties, serious illnesses, family problems, and political unrest plague people on a daily basis. How a person faces each challenge that comes their way however, says much about their character, who they are on the inside. Some people draw strength and inspiration from the experiences of others. Many famous poets from both the past and present have helped and inspired people to face and overcome life's many challenges through the words of their poems. Such poems help people to see they are not alone in their struggles and that it is possible to overcome their problems.

70 Inspirational Poems About Living Life to the Fullest

  1. 1. Unsure

    • By Shawna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 10, 2022
    Feeling Lost In Life

    So many of us lost in life,
    no idea where to go.
    Do we follow our heart's desire?
    Do we stay, or should we go?

    So many of us lost in life,
    not sure where we belong.
    Do we work through the struggle,
    or should we move along?

    So many of us lost in life,
    no clue if we will ever change.
    Failed attempts are mostly why,
    then there are those who crave the pain.

    So many of us lost in life,
    just trying to get by,
    wishing, hoping, wondering, waiting
    for the time that we can fly.

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  3. 2. Falling Into A Black Hole

    • By Abigail E. Durden
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 8, 2022

    This poem is about struggling to control your emotions. We have to learn to live with them instead of letting them control our lives. If you can personally connect with this poem, please share your story! I hope this poem truly blessed you! You are so loved! I am praying for every single person who comes across this poem. :)

    When You Are Overwhelmed

    Slipping, spiraling
    Falling down and down
    My breath is suppressed
    My heartbeat ripped away
    By the vibrant color that will define my day
    The silence is like pins
    From my nose to my toes
    The blistering cold comes from within
    I marvel at the beauty
    I grovel at the power
    That taunts me every waking hour
    I feel a great pressure on my lungs
    Like weights pulling me down
    The battle that can never be won
    It's all in my head
    Or maybe it's not
    Falling into a black hole is easier than I thought

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  5. 3. Fractured

    We all have been hurt by others, circumstances, and even by our own choices, but they become a part of us to teach us or to remind us how strong we really are.

    Strength From The Things That Try To Break Us

    You look at me and only see the cracks,
    Fractured, like a piece of glass.

    Some are shallow and straight,
    Created by silently carrying so much weight.

    Others are round and splayed like stars,
    Words, a solar system of scars.

    Some are deep and cut to my core,
    From trials I thought I could no longer endure.

    Some hold tightly to splintering shards that still cut,
    A painful reminder every time they are touched.

    Others are jagged and worn,
    And some are occupied with scorn.

    Some of them are lessons,
    Regretfully brought on by my own transgressions.

    All of them create an intricate mosaic of intertwined lines,
    Reminders of the things I’ve survived.

    A prismatic display of beauty and strength;
    Though I am fractured, I did not break.

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  6. 4. My Life Has Been A Tightrope

    This is a poem about the way life feels to me. It's very difficult and risky making it through each day.

    The Difficulty Of Life

    I feel as if I'm teetering
    High above a dark, black hole,
    And it's taking everything I have
    Not to lose control.

    My feet keep slipping off the tightrope.
    My arms start flailing in mid-air.
    I'm sweating 'neath the scorching sun,
    Blinded by its savage glare.

    I've been swaying on this tightrope now
    For more than half my life.
    But it seems to go on into infinity
    With no terminus in sight.

    One shaky foot in front of the other,
    My aging body sore and stiff.
    I've considered acquiescence.
    Perhaps it's time for me to quit.

    I'm so focused on survival
    And never looking down
    That I've lost sight of all the beauty
    That is everywhere around.

    The mountains towering over me
    With white blankets on their peaks.
    The green and sparkling river
    Flowing swift and aimlessly.

    The flawless azure cloudless sky.
    Those dark moments when she weeps.
    Her stars that shine so bright at night
    To safely guide my weary feet.

    Eagles soaring to their nests.
    The distant valleys deep and green.
    All of nature's busy creatures
    Who roam this earth so free.

    Those people who keep watch for me
    To catch me if I lose my balance.
    Who have staggered on their own tightropes
    So are well acquainted with the challenge.

    They keep vigil from a distance
    And have done their best to understand
    That I need to make this trek alone
    To become everything I am.

    The days and nights are passing now.
    My body's weak, but my will is strong.
    I stop and rest more frequently,
    But I recover and move on.

    I've been meandering this tightrope now
    For more than half my life,
    Surviving good and bad days too,
    But never giving up the fight.

    And those who really love me
    Who have never lost their faith,
    Have helped convince me through it all
    This was a journey I could make.

    So to all of you who are like me,
    Walking that fine and tottering line,
    Just put one foot before the other,
    And you'll master it in time.

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  7. 5. Give Yourself The Gift Of Silence

    Take the time you need
    to crawl in a space
    of silence.

    You don’t owe anyone
    any story, or
    any explanation.

    You owe it to
    yourself to work on
    your healing.

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  8. 6. On Adversity

    Adversity is part of our lives. There is no one who has never faced a hardship in life. This poem attempts to show the lessons adversity has to offer.

    Poem About Facing Life's Challenges Courageously

    Adversity brings out the best in you
    It often helps to find something new -

    A hidden talent or clears a doubt
    Or you understand what life's about

    Adversity nourishes you to become strong
    It helps to reach where you truly belong

    Adversity makes you tough and wise
    It shows where your strength lies

    Adversity is nothing but a stepping stone
    To a path that seems rugged and unknown

    But if you let courage be your guide,
    And can take things on your stride,

    Don't get dejected and continue to fight.
    In the end, you'll see hope and light.

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    Thank you for commenting on my poem. Stay blessed.

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  9. 7. You Could Have Given Up

    You could have given up,
    but you kept on going.
    You could have seen obstacles,
    but you called them adventures.
    You could have called them weeds,
    but instead you called them wildflowers.
    You could have died a caterpillar,
    but you fought on to be a butterfly.
    You could have denied yourself goodness,
    but instead you chose to show
    yourself self-love. You could have defined
    yourself by the dark days, but instead
    through them you realised your light.

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    Another good one! I enjoyed it very much. And I think most of us can relate; I know I can. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. 8. A New Beginning

    sometimes I wonder
    why life feels
    so uphill most of the time.
    but maybe
    the mountains are rooting for us.
    maybe they want us to see sights
    we would never get to see without them.
    because in that moment,
    when life takes your breath away
    for all her beauty, you are reborn.
    and I don’t think there is anything
    more perfect
    in this world than a new beginning.

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  11. 9. The Strength In You

    I’ve spent my entire adult life struggling with anxiety, always worrying about the worst case scenario. Even now I don’t know how to love something without being terrified of losing it. If I’m honest, some days I feel like I’m built entirely of glass.
    But I think there may be something profound in suffering; in the realisation that you’re stronger than you thought. I think back to the things I’ve been through, and while those experiences left their mark, I take solace in the fact that I’m still here; still pulling breath into these lungs. Maybe strength is a label that’s only earned from resilience; from enduring.
    The truth is, I had no idea how much I could take until the world showed me. There is strength here, even if I never wanted to find it.

    There is
    a strength in you
    you haven’t even
    begun to find.

    And that’s often
    how life works.

    You won’t know
    how strong you are
    until the world
    forces you
    to look.

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  12. 10. You're Not Alone In This

    You’re not alone in this; you know that, right?
    There are others like you.
    Hiding. Running. Wishing
    for a desire they keep hidden
    (but terrified of it coming true)
    Swaying. Hoping. Begging
    for change.
    (but terrified of something new)
    Hesitant but leaping.
    Whole but looking for what they’ve lost.
    Wanting the world to see them
    but unsure of who they are.

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  13. 11. I Hope You Find Peace

    • By Lorelei
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 18, 2021

    I hope you find peace in your battles
    I hope you find light within the darkness
    I hope you find comfort in your storm
    I hope you find your smile within the tears
    I hope your heart beats lighter
    when it starts to feel heavy
    I hope you find the kind of love that stays
    I hope you find someone who welcomes your broken pieces home.

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  14. 12. Stronger

    She never let life
    or the weight that
    came along with it
    weigh her down, it
    only made her stronger.

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    I think that is what living is all about. We live, we learn, we make changes, and we live on; hopefully, stronger.

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  15. 13. Sometimes

    A poem about the struggles of depression and finding a way to move on and smile again.

    Fighting Past Depression And Anxiety

    Sometimes I can't find the words
    That fill my messy head.
    Can't find the effort to smile
    Or get out of my silly old bed.

    The world just sometimes feels like
    I don't fit and don't belong,
    And even when I make the effort,
    A smile just doesn't last long.

    I could pretend with all my might
    That I am the happiest I can be.
    Surrounded by the world, it seems
    Lonelier I couldn't be.

    Not sure what may be the answer.
    Not sure if I'm really keen
    To spend another day here,
    Living this dreadful dream.

    But I must find some courage,
    Light a fire inside my heart
    And find a love for life again,
    And I know where I shall start.

    I'll walk among the forest
    And feel the crisp sea breeze
    And lay among the meadow
    And listen to all the bees.

    I'll figure out the mayhem
    And gaze at all the stars
    And dance at every sunset
    With a smile inside my heart.

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    Few words to explain me. Thanks, dear. You are not alone.

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  16. 14. I Am Trying

    • By Shawna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2020

    I am trying to better myself but keep getting stuck. I am trying to move forward and do better, and this poem is one thing I can add to my list of accomplished goals. Thank you for reading.

    Finding Your Life's Purpose Can Be Difficult

    I know there's something great in me,
    Something I struggle to find.
    The days and months keep passing
    As I lie here, stuck in my own mind.

    Always looking for ways to improve myself, 
    But I struggle to take that first step.
    I often wonder if this is it for me
    Or if I'm stuck in my regret.

    I try to hide my insecurities
    Because the worry is just too much,
    But they wind up shooting out of me
    with every passing touch.

    So today I write this poem,
    to see what you might say.
    Any words of wisdom
    Could help my soul someway.

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    The future of tomorrow seems so far away. Sadness filled my heart the day you walk away. I remember the little games we played with the memories that I have from yesterday. The future of...

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  17. 15. I'm My Own Best Friend

    In this age of social media, so many people allow themselves to be defined by the opinions of others. If they don't get a "like," they feel wounded. This poem is about letting your own beliefs and opinions define who you are. Don't let the criticism of others define you. Define your own goals and be happy with your own successes. Don't worry about what others do or say.

    Don't Let Others Define You

    I'm good enough;
    I don't care what you say.
    I'm proud of what
    I accomplished today.

    Maybe I didn't win
    Or even place,
    But I tried really hard
    And finished the race.

    I set a personal best,
    Which makes me feel good.
    I did much better
    Than I thought I could.

    Why do you criticize
    And try to make me feel small?
    Does it make you feel better
    When I stumble and fall?

    Well, I'm here to tell you
    That I won't let your words hurt.
    Because when I fall,
    I'll just pick myself up from the dirt.

    And I'll keep on fighting
    Until the end,
    With a cheerleader in my corner,
    Because I'm my own best friend.

    So unless you have something
    Positive to say,
    I suggest you keep your mouth shut
    And just go away.

    Because my best friend and I
    Are about to celebrate;
    And we can do without you
    Or your small-minded hate.

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    Wow! I absolutely, 100%, love this! I think this would be a good lesson for everyone to learn. People shouldn't just rely on others to compliment them, and just because somebody thinks...

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  18. 16. The Music Of The Night

    As a poor sleeper, I often lie awake and listen to the sounds of a quiet house. Sometimes it's frightening; other times it's comforting, but it is always entertaining.

    Difficulty Sleeping

    When demons pick at my troubled mind
    And the passage to sleep becomes harder to find,
    I close my eyes, turn out the light
    And listen to the music of the night.

    First there's the silence, looming and menacing,
    The audience lies waiting, patiently listening.
    My heart is racing; it's pounding and deafening.
    The taste of tension is sour and sickening.

    Outside the wind blows a sweet, sad refrain
    That plays on repeat again and again.
    It builds to a crescendo, stormy and wild
    Until it blows over and breathes like a child.

    The rhythm of the night train's clickety-clack,
    'The Moonlight Sonata' for insomniacs.
    It's a song of love and another heart broken
    When so much is said without a single word spoken.

    A dripping tap becomes a cacophony,
    The percussion in my moonlight symphony.
    Every drip...drip...drop performed in the overture
    Is a well-rehearsed line in my sleepless torture.

    The hymns of miners lost in the gloom
    Are sang by angels as they circle my room.
    Voices that flicker like light from a flame
    Are swallowed by the coal-black from which they came.

    Birdsong at dawn, a heavenly choir,
    Brings me to rest and my eyes start to tire.
    While sunlight chases my demons away,
    I fall asleep gently to the sounds of the Day.

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  19. 17. Still Here

    Langston Hughes (1902-1967) had a lonely childhood, but he was raised by his grandmother who had a love of literature, so Hughes turned to books during those lonely years. This poem shows that even through the hardships of life, it’s possible to keep pushing forward. In this poem, Langston Hughes does not follow the rules of grammar, but that adds to the frazzled feel of the poem’s content.

    I been scarred and battered.
    My hopes the wind done scattered.
    Snow has friz me,
    Sun has baked me,

    Looks like between 'em they done
    Tried to make me

    Stop laughin', stop lovin', stop livin'--
    But I don't care!
    I'm still here!

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    This poem was in a textbook of mine from the sixth grade. As a child, it resonated with me. It inspired me to write poetry. As a child, educated by white folk, I had no idea who Langston...

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  20. 18. I, Too

    Langston Hughes (1902-1967) settled in Harlem, New York, in 1924 and was a prominent figure of the Harlem Renaissance. In this poem, he wrote of the reality that faced many in the black community and how they were regarded as “less than” by other people. The poem ends with the hope that one day it would be different. He shared the expectation that those who looked down on them would be ashamed.

    I, too, sing America.

    I am the darker brother.
    They send me to eat in the kitchen
    When company comes,
    But I laugh,
    And eat well,
    And grow strong.

    I’ll be at the table
    When company comes.
    Nobody’ll dare
    Say to me,
    “Eat in the kitchen,"

    They’ll see how beautiful I am
    And be ashamed—

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  21. 19. Inner Peace

    • By Joshua Fraser
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2018

    I was sitting at the beach, fishing. After having a few mental breakdowns during the week before, it was the first time I felt some peace.

    The wind whistles past my ears.
    Closing my eyes, I lose all my fears.
    The waves crash into the rocks.
    Out here there is no time on my clock.

    The serenity I feel here just soothes my mind.
    A peaceful day so hard to find.
    The breeze just calms my soul.
    Helps me think about what is my life's goal.

    I then look out over the ocean,
    And it feels like my life has lost its commotion.
    The sun sets down over the clouds.
    But the orange glow around makes me proud.

    As the night draws near.
    I feel like where I need to be is here.
    The soothing nature this afternoon brings
    Just feels like such a beautiful thing.

    I sit and wonder where life will go,
    But right now all I want is for time to slow.
    To enjoy this moment and feel free,
    To clear my mind and find some glee.

    It's days like these I truly treasure.
    Amazing nights and beautiful weather.
    It may not seem like much.
    But it's moments like these I want to clutch.

    For once I feel like life is bliss.
    So many hard days in which my happiness was missed.
    I could get lost listening to the waves.
    Listening to the birds and watching how the clouds behave.

    I could close my eyes and fade into the night.
    The tranquility I feel helps me win the fight.
    As the waves keep crashing into the rocks,
    I feel the happiness in my heart become unlocked.

    The day is drawing to a close.
    The peacefulness I feel right now I'll only know.
    Right now my mind is finally clear.
    It's time to go as the night draws near.

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    Life is full of loud shouts of distractions and contradictions while the sound of focus is but a whisper. Nature, fortunately sings this silent tune of focus to ears that would seek her. The...

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  22. 20. A Rhapsody Of Empowerment

    • By Vaishali Vishnukandan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2018

    It is all about encouraging a women to come out of her cage and work for upliftment.

    Empowerment Of Women

    Come on, women!
    Must rise to the challenges
    Of your enhanced responsibilities.


    We are already stronger.
    Never feel blue.
    Break the myth.
    No force can barricade a determined woman.

    Come out of your cage.
    Bear the pain
    Like you do the stilettos.

    Wear your elegance every day.
    Start rummaging for your upliftment.
    Miles to reach acme.

    Heads up, women!

    Don't fear the fire.
    Be the fire!

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