Missing You Poem about Friends


It describes how much one cousin regrets taking their friendship for granted. Now that she wants to fix things it is to late because her cousin has moved to another state.

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My Friend


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

So many memories of us growing up.
We were inseparable,
everyone called us the Bobsy twins.
We were so much alike
and yet so very different
but that's what was so special about us,
we knew our limits with one another.
I knew just how to make you mad
and also knew how to make you smile when you were down.
We weren't just cousins we were best friends.
We couldn't take a step forward if the other one wasn't there.
So many secrets shared
and still today I keep them locked inside of me forever.
No one will ever know you better then me.
I miss you so much my friend.
Remember how we cried when I went away for the summer?
We slowly drifted away in high school.
I took you for granted and I am truly sorry.
We almost became strangers.
We are all grown up now with husbands and kids.
You are 12 hours away now.
I want to scream sometimes for you to come back.
I know it's useless and it's not a reality.
You won't come back soon.
You have your own life now.
I can't just drive to your house and tell you I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for letting our friendship go.
Maybe god is giving us a sign,
to make us realize that our friendship is one in a million
and maybe we shouldn't have let it go.
Friends have come and gone but no one can replace my best friend.
When you come back 4 years from now
I promise we won't be strangers.
Maybe not as silly as before
but best friends we will be once more.
Until that time comes I will be here missing my best friend.
I love you,
take care,
and see you when you get home.


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