Embracing The Future Poems

Published: October 2019

Poems About Accepting What The Future Holds

Looking to the future can be scary, but it can also be exciting. We are constantly presented with new opportunities. Let’s step out and take hold of those opportunities, even when we don't know how things will turn out. 

Change is constant, and life is a journey. We don’t know what the future holds. Although there are bound to be tough things ahead, there are also going to be incredible moments that we could never have imagined. 

Take a leap of faith. Set out to do something you’ve always wanted to do. 

Look to the future with hope. There are amazing possibilities ahead. Don’t allow fear to hold you back, for a life filled with regrets of not chasing your dreams is a life filled with sorrow and bitterness. It's time to let go of the past and embrace what the future holds. 

13 Poems About Accepting What The Future Holds

  1. 1. Finding Hope

    Reviewing my life and feeling that I've wasted most of it in fear of actually living it.

    in Hope Poems

    Overcoming Fear In Life

    I've always viewed life from the side lines,
    Just watching it passing me by.
    In the past, too afraid to just let go and live,
    And lately too tired to try.

    I've envied the people around me
    So invested in living each day,
    While I spent my time hiding out from the world
    And searching for ways to escape.

    For most of my life I truly believed
    I was here to help somebody else,
    But now it's so clear it was just an excuse.
    To avoid living life for myself.

    It's sad that our lives and the pain we endure
    Can weaken our strength to move on,
    But if we get lost in the scars of our past,
    Without knowing our lives will be gone.

    It's true, people are disappointing,
    They can turn in the blink of an eye,
    But we can't avoid hurting each other,
    When we all want a chance at this life.

    But there's something I've learned through the wisdom of age,
    A truth about all of our lives,
    And that is no matter what path we each take,
    In the end, we just want to survive.

    So the time has now come to conquer my fears
    And to stand up and face a new day.
    Let the hurts of my past wash away with my tears
    And stop letting my life slip away.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I had been in the game of life, but too many times it has passed me by. With the few years I have left, I want to watch...watch my grandkids grow, watch the clouds go by, and watch my love grow.

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  2. 2. Live In The Now

    This is a lesson I learned about not living in the past nor being kept in bondage to regrets about yesterday's mistakes.

    in Inspirational Poems

    Encouragement To Live In The Moment

    Look not back on yesterday
    or what you have left behind.
    For only today is yours to claim,
    and this moment only is your time.

    Fret not on what has been
    or on what has passed you by.
    Yesterday is far behind you.
    You can't change it if you try.

    New opportunities await you.
    They come with each new day,
    so look ahead with faith and hope,
    and blessings will come your way.

    Keep faith alive in your heart.
    Live full and live well each day.
    Do all the good for all you can
    to all those who pass your way.

    Yesterday is out of your reach
    and tomorrow is not yours to claim.
    Only this moment belongs to you.
    So use it wisely, in Jesus' name.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Very easy read. Very good content. Advice I agree with. It can be hard for me to leave yesterday behind, but I can't relive it. So, I access it for what I did well and wrong. I try to learn...

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  4. 3. Circle Of Life

    I am a student, a learner, a righteous person. I am a poet. I am someone who will sit down on my free time with my own free will and write a poem. When I write, I feel like my whole body is in balance. I am not a person who when disagrees on something will stand up and speak my mind right then and there. What I would do is go home, take out a sheet of paper, and write what I am thinking. Poetry is my refuge, my sacred thing, something no one can take away from me. I am a poet and proud to be one.

    in Inspirational Poems

    Encouragement To See The Good In Life

    Life is a carousel, always going forward, never going back.
    Existence is a hard thing to keep when you stop trying.
    To live a life, you must want to live.
    To want to live you must find a way.
    When all hope is lost, you must stand tall.
    When all others retreat, you must prevail.
    You are the conscience inside your head.
    You create your own destiny.
    Life is a very hard thing to keep
    When your life does not always go the way you plan.
    Fight for your life and the right to keep dreaming.
    If you feel you were gifted, share your gift.
    If you feel you were cursed, fix it.
    As you get older, your life becomes a challenge.
    Who are you?
    What do you want in life?
    What will you be?
    What is your purpose in life?
    If you worry, these things will turn into burdens.
    But if you hold on to them in the back of your mind,
    All of the answers will come in time.
    Life is a carousel, always going forward, never going back.
    Look to the future, not to the past.

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  5. 4. Journey Of Life

    I always see the brighter side of my life. Never could a failure affect me and my positive thoughts. The journey of life begins with a single step.

    in Courage Poems

    Poem Encouraging You To Look On The Bright Side

    Life is a long-distance journey
    With ups and downs,
    Twist and turns,
    With sad and happy moments.
    It begins with a single step.

    Never become a coward in life;
    Face the problems with strong determination,
    With a smile on your lips.
    Be brave and courageous in life.
    Set your aim with a strong mindset.
    Hope for the best and reach your goal.

    Be an optimist and see the positive side of life.
    Keep smiling.
    Do not miss any opportunity.
    Grab all those you get and move on the path of success,
    As life is a long race that begins with a single step.

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  7. 5. Butterfly Wings

    in Change Poems

    We all need
    some measure of comfort,
    the safety of a cocoon,

    But I remind myself
    that change is good,
    that I cannot spend
    my whole life
    being a caterpillar,

    that courage
    wears butterfly wings
    and the sky has never looked
    more inviting.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Great job. I really like it. Putting on our wings and taking another chance could be the very best thing for us.

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  8. 6. The Ride

    • By Sean Parekh
    • Published: August 2012

    My poem is simply about life and how it is a journey for all of us. How we shouldn't worry about where we are going but just enjoy the ride. How we should go after what we believe in.

    in Inspirational Poems

    Accepting Life As A Journey

    I don't know where this ride is taking me.
    I don't know when to let go.
    All I know is I'm in it for the journey
    To give me more and more.

    I chase dreams I don't yet know.
    I try to be something I don't even know.

    I look for things I cannot find.
    I believe more in my heart than my mind.

    I play for things that cannot be won,
    I learn to fly before I run.

    I make fire on what can't be burned.
    I teach things that cannot be learned.

    I don't know where this ride is taking me.
    I don't know when to let go.
    All I know is I'm in it for the journey
    To give me more and more.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Honestly, this poem was pretty amazing. I loved all you had to say, honestly. It was short and cut to the chase. Things you already know, but no one dares to say. "I believe in my heart more...

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  9. 7. Changing Regrets

    • By Brittany
    • Published: October 2009

    I decided to write this poem on behalf of myself and people I have grown up with.

    in Change Poems

    Poem About Embracing Life

    Is life a reality or just a dream?
    It all seems like there is nothing we can't see.
    Blinded by a dark spot full of regrets,
    But all is in the future that we can't see yet.
    We all have a bond to hold together and each other.
    If not, the people who hold on will fall down.
    Smile, don't frown; there will be more happy times,
    You'll shine; grab my hand and stand.
    Take a chance, enhance.
    Embrace the gift of life, hold it tight and never let go.
    You do have something to show.

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  10. 8. Jump 1.0

    • By Jahleel A. Lowe
    • Published: July 2016

    When you're in a crossroad in life and things feel frightening, I hope this can help.

    in Inspirational Poems

    Poem About Taking A Chance

    Do you think you stand a chance
    Diving off into the abyss?
    Do you think that you'll advance
    Even without an assist?
    Will you learn to find you wings
    And travel to the paradise that life brings?
    Triumphant in your success,
    You can finally rest,
    Assured that your future is bright
    And you did your best
    To see that your seeds take flight.
    So why be in fright?
    You're already in a slump.
    Why don't you take a chance
    ...and just jump?

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  11. 9. Hopeful Future

    • By Morgan Deuson
    • Published: September 2008

    I was in the midst of an awful family misshap, and poetry helped me to express myself. It was not untill after I wrote this that I actually understood how I felt.

    in Hope Poems

    Encouraging Someone To Have Hope

    It is okay
    To feel sorrow,

    To mourn
    When good times
    Are in the past

    And trials
    Have come to present.

    To the future
    With hope,

    For without hope...
    There is no true life.

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  12. 10. Game Of Life

    • By Sarah White
    • Published: February 2009

    I wrote this poem when I had a lot of things going on in my life and I wanted to give myself a positive new start. Really helped!

    in Inspirational Poems

    Encouraging Other To Have A New Start

    Roll the dice,
    Play a new game.
    Life for you
    Will never be the same.

    No looking back,
    No aspect of time,
    You now have
    A new mountain to climb.

    Your body seems to stop
    Whilst the world keeps going.
    With no time to think,
    Time still keeps flowing.

    Going back to the dice
    And the game, you will roll
    It's time to start a new life
    Complete with heart and soul.

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  13. 11. All Because Of You

    • By Dana
    • Published: April 2015

    I moved out of my parents' house when I was 17. I've lost people in my life, done things that I shouldn't have, had people treat me like I was nothing. But even though I've had all of these troubles, I've still come out a caring, giving, and loving person. I wrote this poem with my parents in mind. But now that it's written, I've found that it's not just about them, it's about everyone who has ever been in my life. Anyone who has influenced me and anyone I will meet in the future who will influence me.

    in Change Poems

    Poem About Starting Anew

    My life is changing.
    The life that I've had,
    It's changing forever,
    But no need to be sad.

    It's time to move on,
    Time to start anew.
    I jumped from the nest.
    With some trouble, I flew.

    I might hit a few bumps,
    Maybe make a wrong turn,
    But all of those troubles
    Are lessons I'll learn.

    So as my life changes,
    I hope that you'll see
    It's you who I'll credit
    For the life that I lead.

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  14. 12. Letting Go And Holding On

    • By Martha Turner
    • Published: March 2010

    Life...stuck in a rut...empty...wanting more.

    in Change Poems

    Oh, how I love life,
    walking outside in spring and summer
    and smelling the honeysuckle floating on the warm breeze.
    Couples walking hand in hand,
    smiles of happiness from being in love.
    Owners walking their dogs,
    kids laughing and playing,
    birds chirping and singing all day long.
    Each and every day the world continues on.

    I get tired of its confusion,
    tired of the pain.
    I'm tired of the emptiness from hearts I've parted from.
    Tired of wishing for more but not knowing which way to turn
    and sometimes too scared to look back.
    To let go completely of yesterday,
    and grasp a hold of the hope of tomorrow,
    a hope that if tomorrow gets here, it won't be like yesterday.

    Yesterday's holding on to the hope of a lost love,
    yesterday's disappointments of the same ol' routine
    yesterday's wishing bills didn't exist
    so there wouldn't be any living from check to check.
    Yesterday's empty dreams of a fairy tale ending,
    wanting an end to all my struggling.
    OH... holding onto the hope of tomorrow...

    A tomorrow filled with pure happiness
    knowing that this direction on the path is the one and only way...
    A tomorrow filled with the reassurance that you're headed for better days.
    A tomorrow with a love that was sent to you from the heaven above
    that will only grow deeper and deeper as time goes by to last forever.
    A tomorrow that will complete and fulfill yesterday's wants and dreams.
    A tomorrow that will conquer all my hardships and troubles.

    I grasp the thought of what wonderfulness tomorrow could bring.

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    I'm doing this poem for English class I am in love with it! But my English teacher asked me to find out her bio!! Can Martha please tell me a little about herself and how this poem has...

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  15. 13. Today's Walk

    I am one that loves to write from my heart.

    in Inspirational Poems

    Poem Having Hope For Tomorrow

    I will walk slowly through this day;
    I leave what is not needed behind from yesterday.
    I will treasure all the knowledge to move forward.
    What I do today will not change or erase the past..
    I move on knowing that today I will do differently than before.
    If I fail, there will be another tomorrow and a future tomorrow for hope..

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