Waiting Poems

Waiting Poems - On The Difficulty Of Waiting

Waiting Poems - On The Difficulty Of Waiting

One famous historical book says, "expectation postponed is making the heart sick". Those wise words have proven true time and again for many. Many people wait their whole lives for things that are difficult to come across, like true love or exceptional secular opportunities. Unfortunately, some things, like finding a soulmate, do not necessarily happen when one would like. Often, the wait can become frustrating, causing sadness, anger and other negative feelings. One way to combat such feelings is to read the poetry of others who have experienced similar emotions.

  1. Teen Poems Abandonment Poems by Teens Waiting For My Daddy By Sarah R.Ramsey

    I dedicate this poem to those who have waited for their father to come home and were let down each time.

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  2. Family Poems Hard Times Poems The Pain Of Missing You By Jessica Velez

    Poem About Waiting For Missing Children

    A mother sharing the pain of missing children who have been gone for a year. She is currently fighting the guardian for the return of her boys... For Wayne & Kai My baby boys

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  3. Family Poems Abandonment Poems Waiting For My Dad By Amy

    Poem About Not Waiting Any More For Parents Love

    This goes out to my dad. If you're out there.. I'm done waiting for you.

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  4. Love Poems Long Distance Poems Patiently Waiting By James Richmond Jr.

    Poems About Waiting For Someone You Love To Come Home

    My poem is titled Patiently Waiting, Because my friend has been away on a 18 month sentence for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I'm very lonely but being faithful because of...

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  5. Sad Love Poems Lonely Poems Waiting By Annette R. Hershey

    Poem About Waiting For The One You Love

    It took me a long time to realize you are a complete person without a relationship. This poem is about emotional pain when you allow someone to have dominion over how you feel on a day to day...

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  6. Sad Poems Sickness Poems Can He See Me? By Marian Shapcott

    Waiting For Death Husband In A Vegetative State

    My husband had a brain hemorrhage nine years ago that left him in a vegetative state. We have been married for forty one years. I go to see him every week, but he doesn't know me. Even though...

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  7. Sad Poems Alone Poems Silence By Lucy Blackmur

    Poem About Waiting In Uncomfortable Silence

    I wrote this poem about uncomfortable silence and how it makes you feel alone and awkward, like nobody wants to talk to you and know how you feel. I often write sad poems like this. The type...

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  8. Sad Poems Poems about Sadness Sometimes I Get Lonely By Emily B

    Poem About Waiting For The Phone To Ring

    I am always the one waiting for the phone to ring.

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  9. Life Poems Fear Poems Waiting For Truth By Lilli Janzen

    Poem About Waiting For Answers And Living With Questions

    Living the farm life as a young girl I had many opportunities to contemplate in quiet about what I observed. It was peaceful and sunny, sometimes peaceful and raining, but that was life at...

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  10. Sad Poems Depression Poems Better Dead By Mike

    Poem About Waiting For Relief From Pain

    My poem is about my feeling of depression. I just want an outlet to say what I feel.

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  11. Sad Poems Mental Illness Poems My Ritual By Donna Jozwiak

    Poem About Waiting For Sleep

    I have dissociative identity disorder. I "lose time," not knowing where I went or what I was doing there. My husband continually worries what might happen to me, what I may do to myself, and...

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  12. Sad Love Poems Lonely Poems Waiting For Your Return By Charlene Khuah

    Poem About Waiting For Boyfriend In Jail

    Many people say I cannot wait for my boyfriend who is in jail now, but I will prove them wrong.

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  13. Sad Poems Poems about Sadness Darkness Befalls By Amorita Maharaj

    Poem About Waiting For Light To Shine Through

    When life is at it's darkest moment and waiting for the light to shine through.

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  14. Sad Love Poems Breaking Up Poems Waiting Out A Relationship By Chrystal Starkey

    Waiting out a relationship

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