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Wolves are wild and beautiful, the heart of the wilderness. Man seems to be foe to everything else on earth including their fellow man.

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Amazing, just beautiful. Warriors of the night, I salute you.

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Cry Of Wolves


Published: January 2011

Rulers of the night, the wilderness is your home,
Man in his ignorance won't leave you alone,
Strong together you hunt for survival,
Man and his gun your only rival.

Mistress of the moon, shadows dancing on Northern skies,
I hear your torment and mournful cries,
Running, hunting, surviving, dying,
From frozen mountain tops I hear your crying.

Great warriors of the night,
I wish you strength and stamina,
Courage in your plight.
You are the heart of the wilderness,
Cool air and mountain snow,
You are part of this land but man is your foe.

So once again the dark night becomes black,
And howling is heard as wolves gather and pack,
With spirit and fight, stamina and charm,
Let no man destroy you, you mean them no harm.

Brave warriors of the night,
In the wilderness be,
Wise and cunning hunters,
Forever be free.

Let your howling join the earth,
May you hunt with no fear,
Let the mountains echo out,
The howl of wolves that fills the mountain air.

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  • John Boynee by John Boynee
  • 1 year ago

Amazing, just beautiful. Warriors of the night, I salute you.

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