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Hi, my name is Chelsie. I am 14 years old and, I am very passionate about all animals, especially whales. I actually wrote this poem in English class, but my teacher never marked it, so I don't know how good it is. I wrote it because I think whaling is an issue that needs to be brought up more often in order to help stop it. I have been trying to express my feelings about whaling in so many ways: making posters, posting videos on the internet, and so much more, but none of them felt right until I wrote this poem. Again, I'm not sure how good it is, but I hope it'll create more awareness.

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It was a heartfelt poem. I was really touched by it. I definitely agree that whaling should stop. Whales are my favorite animals.

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Whales: An Innocent Death


Published: September 2008

As the gentle giants swim through the sea,
Not expecting a thing,
A sharp metal object is heading their way,
And they feel a sharp sting.

They don't know what happened,
But they feel a lot of pain,
The innocent creatures,
Are pulled up by a chain.

Now they've figured it out,
They know what's going on,
A whaling harpoon has hit them,
A massive violent gun.

As they're pulled up to the whaling ship,
Their condition deteriorates,
They get weaker and weaker,
They're in a terrible state.

The last thing they see,
Just before they die,
Is the satisfied look,
In the fisherman's eye.

I hope this proves,
How cruel whaling is,
Well how would you like it,
If you were treated like this?



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  • Ella Harman by Ella Harman
  • 2 years ago

WOW!!!! This is an amazing poem. It looks so simple but has such an amazing message.

  • Kawther M. Awadh by Kawther M. Awadh
  • 3 years ago

The 2nd to last stanza was a very painful image to imagine, but nonetheless it was written beautifully. Hope one day hunting whales would stop. Loved your poem.

  • Chelsie Woodhead by Chelsie Woodhead Poet
  • 5 years ago

Wow! I wrote this poem when I was 14, I am now 20. I didn't think much of it at the time, but to see everyone's comments about it, and even the fact a teacher chose it for an assignment, really made me happy. Thank you all for your positive comments! (:

  • Caitlynne Somaroo by Caitlynne Somaroo
  • 1 year ago

It was a heartfelt poem. I was really touched by it. I definitely agree that whaling should stop. Whales are my favorite animals.

  • Casser by Casser
  • 5 years ago

Good...I agreed with STOP WHALING...
not only whaling, I think all sea mammals should not be caught at all.

  • China by China
  • 5 years ago

I agree Whaling should be stopped. What would you feel if you were whale? Angry? Well that's what the whales feel.

  • Sidni by Sidni, United States
  • 6 years ago

I am currently using this poem for one of my classes, I have to choose poems from other authors and give a brief description of this poem. I hope that this will spread the word, and I definitely would love to share this poem with my friends and family. Whaling is extremely cruel, especially with dolphins. Even with sharks, they cut off their fins while alive and just dump them back into the ocean.
What have people become today?

  • Ireland by Ireland
  • 6 years ago

"My teacher never marked it!" Chelsie, what a shame that your teacher wasn't interested in such a beautiful poem, and a chance to highlight the shocking animal cruelty in this sick world. However, please keep fighting animal cruelty and writing your beautiful poems, and publish them for animal charities. Good luck with whatever you do.

  • Ayushi Upadhyay by Ayushi Upadhyay
  • 6 years ago

I really like this poem because it is very sensitive to the issue of killing whales. I only came across this poem because I have a poetry quiz on animals. When I read this poem tears came to my eyes. It is very important to save animals who are hunted and punish those who do it.

  • Vani Nair by Vani Nair
  • 7 years ago

I was given this Poem, Whales: An Innocent Death for an assignment. Reading the poem created a lump in my heart and at the 5th stanza/ lines 17-20, brought tears in my eyes. A lot more is taken from nature than it is really required and one of it is killing of the gentle whales. This selfish greed is heading for disaster. I've said it all.

  • Anganga by Anganga, Cameroon
  • 7 years ago

Sure am hit by the gentle words of Chelsie owing to her age and her concern for God's creativity. But on the other hand I find whaling difficult to stop lest everyone starts reading poems like this.

  • Rahul Sharma by Rahul Sharma
  • 7 years ago

Really nice well written poem and I totally agree with you and it's not the poem it's the gentle feeling for animals in your heart that matters the most.

  • Abs by Abs, London
  • 7 years ago

Nice poem. Whales should be protected and the evil people who carry on the sick practice of whaling should be brought to justice.

  • Katniss by Katniss
  • 7 years ago

I'm touched. I am vegetarian and disagree with every type of hunting/fishing...etc. I am hoping that together we can reduce the evil purposely inflicted on these innocent creatures.

  • Aravind Raj by Aravind Raj, Malaysia
  • 7 years ago

I'm really sad and really touched by the poem. I hope whaling or any kind of poaching will be stopped.

  • Angela Lovell by Angela Lovell, Gloucesterhire UK
  • 8 years ago

I echo everything that Brenda said!!!
And hope whaling will be stopped forever XXX

  • Brenda Robinson by Brenda Robinson, Toronto
  • 9 years ago

This poem did touch me as it was written from the whale's perspective.
Whaling is a horrible practice and needs to be stopped, permanently.
I hope this poem reaches near and far and helps us protect all whales, forever.

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