Crying Poem

Poem Of Finding Clarity Through Tears

The Beauty of Crying. Poem of Emotional Cleansing: How breaking down and crying can bring renewal. Poem of embracing emotional release

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© more by Alexandra Michelle

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2022 with permission of the Author.

collapse to release,
release to surrender.

surrender to let go,
let go to break down.

break down to fell,
feel deeply to cleanse.

cleanse to be free,
be free to just cry.

crying is cleansing.



My name is Alexandra Michelle. Expressing myself through creation brings me so much peace and solace. I am a naturally curious person and all art forms impact me deeply. My poetry comes straight from my heart; so it is raw, authentic, and true to my experiences in this life. I created my page with the intention of healing through a healthy...

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