Addiction Poem

Poem About Dealing With Addiction

This poem was written after I had been clean for almost 4 months. I truly feel that the strength I knew I had in myself made me become strong enough to get through my struggle with addiction

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A Life Well Learned


Published: December 2007

A naive girl led down the wrong path
A promising future pulled from her grasp.
So innocent and true for him
her heart grew.
Blinded by a drowning soul
A helping hand pulled in the same hole.
Tricked into a life where she never belonged,
2 years grasping for breath and barely holding on.
A spirit now free from their life full of pain,
She thanks God every day, "that it hadn't been me".
A miracle unexplained for the strength that saved a life,
From a torturing cycle that led the real her out of sight.
A wise and experienced soul confident in herself
Beginning to believe that there is something else,
Happiness worth living for, full of limits with no end.
Life is what you make it, the only chance you get
To live your life to the fullest, every day faced with taking risks
Will is the power given by God to make your own choice
In which road you choose to take



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