Addiction Poem

I'm a mother of four who's loosing a battle but never giving up hope (my youngest son being a heroin addict)
As a Counselor I've seen and felt the pain that our children go through and thus being the reason for my writing this poem.
I pray daily in hope that something can be done to help todays generation with the growing and painful problem many are facing.

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Show Me The Way


Published: August 2008

If only they knew, the pain I'm going through!
I remember when I had fun,
Felt like I was loved by every one.
I had energy to burn
So many things to learn
And every now and then
I believed I'll overcome this pain.
In the deepest of the night
Forgetting all my pride
I pushed the loved ones aside
Driving round in frenzy, swerving in pain
Just one more hit, to make me good again
Down the steep embankment, loosing all control
Slamming down the brakes, my car began to roll
Trapped in my own wreckage, unable to move
Underneath the cars frame, pinned inside the groove
By the wreck on Highway that stole my life away
Stood a loving Angel and I heard him say
This is your final journey from vast and distant trail
I'm taking you to heaven on my wings you'll sail


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