Daughter Death Poem

Poem About Death of Toddler

Kayleigh was my first child. She was the apple of everyone's eye. She was happy and singing. When she was 22 months old, only a couple months from her 2nd birthday, I went to wake her only to find her cold and blue. Hearing me scream my husband came running and tried to resuscitate her while I called 911. Unfortunately, it was too late. My husband, myself, and her 7 month old brother Kris were devastated. An inquest ruled SIDS. She would now be 27 and I often wonder what she would look like now.

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A Message For Kayleigh

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Published: December 2013

On a cold winter's day one February, I was there
The bitter harsh wind was blowing my hair,
My hands were cold my face was numb
I couldn't cry, the tears wouldn't come

He said a prayer then lowered you down
All pretty and serene in your pink party gown,
Your hair still blonde, your eyes still blue
But no longer the baby that I once knew.

I went to your room, it was empty and bare
I sat and spoke to you as if you were still there
I opened your wardrobe, your clothes I'd pack
Because I knew now that you wouldn't be back

Where are you now? My sweet little girl
The laughing toddler with the golden curls
Can you hear me each time I say I love you?
Oh, I wish I could hear you say, I love you too.

Why, when I loved you did you have to leave?
When I should have been hugging you, why was I left to grieve?
When my heart was locked, why wasn't I given the key?
Why when I asked weren't you given back to me?

I've a message for you Kayleigh, what more can I say
Except I miss you darling, more each day,
So until it's time for me to climb those stairs to your world beyond
Keep this message of love, my darling blue eyed blonde.



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